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"When our disagreements aren’t about facts, but our identities and our moral commitments, it is more difficult for us to come together with the mutual respect required by democratic deliberation. As philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau pithily put it, it is impossible for us to live at peace with those we regard as damned."

– Michael Blake, Professor of Philosophy, Public Policy, and Governance, University of Washington, "Why Bullshit Hurts Democracy More than Lies."

The Rev. James Howell, pastor of Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, worries that denominational schism over homosexuality would end up dividing his congregation.Unity matters "because we live in a severely polarized culture. And if the church winds up as severely polarized as the culture, we don't really have anything to offer the culture. (With a message of) 'We're just like you guys, we're as narrow-minded and divisive as the rest of you,' why would anybody bother with the church?"

– The Rev. James C. Howell, senior pastor of Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC, and a national leader in the Uniting Methodists movement, quoted in "Will views on same-sex marriage split one of America's largest Protestant religions?" by Tim Funk of Charlotte Observer.

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