A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass., has been the site of plenary sessions for the New England Annual Conference

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College's LGBT Exemption Request Spurs New England Conference Concerns

The New England Annual Conference is actively seeking a new location for its yearly sessions after the president of its longtime site, Gordon College, requested a religious exemption from President Obama's order barring LGBT workplace discrimination. more »

Jul 21, 2014 Issues (1 Comments)

The Rev. Frank Schaefer speaks at a press conference held at Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia.

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Schaefer Case Appealed to Judicial Council

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference has appealed the reinstatement of the Rev. Frank Schaefer, defrocked for officiating at his gay son's wedding, to the Judicial Council. more »

Jul 25, 2014 Issues

The Rev. Frank Schaefer faces a church trial on Nov. 18 for officiating at the 2007 same-sex wedding of his son. He is pastor of Zion United Methodist Church of Iona in Lebanon, Pa.

Photo courtesy of Frank Schaefer via UMNS

Rebutting Criticism of Frank Schaefer Appeal Ruling

Despite criticisms to the contrary, the United Methodist judicial system worked properly in the appeals committee ruling reinstating the Rev. Frank Schaefer, writes the Rev. Thomas H. Griffith, a longtime advocate in church trial proceedings. more »

Jul 2, 2014 Perspectives (1 Comments)

IRD Agrees not to Use Church Mailing List Info

The Institute for Religion & Democracy reaches an out-of-court settlement with the North Texas Annual Conference over a mailing list it purchased from the now-defunct UMR Communications. more »

Jul 19, 2014 Issues

  • UMC Bishops Urge Compassion, Prayer in Border Crisis

    In response to protests against the thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children who have crossed into the United States, United Methodist bishops are urging compassion rather than inhospitality. more »

  • Some Suggestions for a Unified UMC (or the A&W Plan)

    The Rev. David Watson and the Rev. Bill Arnold offer seven proposals for getting past the divisions plaguing United Methodists. more »

  • No. (A Response to the A-W Plan)

    Scholar Joel L. Watts is dismayed at the proposals of Dr. David Watson and Rev. William Anderson for a "unified" United Methodist Church. more »

  • Antagonisn't

    As the schism debate rolls on, the Rev. Dan R. Dick takes stock of his own perception of attitudes regarding the prospect of dividing The United Methodist Church. more »

  • Polycarp

    Illustration Courtesy of Drew B. McIntyre

    Heroism, Martyrdom and Suicide: Thoughts on Self-Immolation

    The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre refutes recent assertions that the Rev. Charles R. Moore's tragic death by self-immolation should be considered either heroism or martyrdom. more »

  • Charles Moore

    Photo Courtesy of the Moore Family via UMNS

    World on Fire

    Two leaders of United Methodist social justice ministries, the Rev. Sid Hall and the Rev. Gilbert Caldwell, offer their reflections on the death by self-immolation of their colleague, the Rev. Charles Moore. more »

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