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(In light of CDC banned words pronouncement): "In this season of joy and hope it is important to remember that Jesus Christ was not born into entitlement. His mother, Mary, was informed of his forthcoming birth when He was a mere fetus in her womb. Mary, a vulnerable young woman, delivered Him in a manger. Jesus grew to be a teacher of love, tolerance, and diversity. Biblical scholars have offered science-based, or if you prefer, evidence-based support of the life of Jesus. His teachings support the diversity of all humanity, especially the most vulnerable, such as the poor, transgender, refugee, and victimized women."

– Ruth McLevy, from the Facebook feed of M. Paz Artaza-Regan. Words in red are the list of words forbidden to the Centers for Disease Control by the Trump Administration. Republished by permission.

The Rev. Dr. Emilie Townes"We have, as a nation, allowed ourselves to be duped and persuaded that immoral acts are really moral ones. We cloak lies and damned lies in hyphenated deceptions such as post-truth and post-facts. But another sign of our times may be emerging if this one election can signal a turning point. There are folks running for office who seek to reignite our sense of civic engagement, eschew partisan politics, focus on the importance of getting folks out to vote; who pay attention to issues that are shaping all of our society and not just the ones that have an immediate or personal stake or particular monetary investment."

– The Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes, dean of Vanderbilt Divinity School, writing in "After Alabama: A Fierce, Strategic and Organized Hope Is the Only Way Forward" for

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