January 3, 2012

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January 3, 2012

  • Mysterium Futurum

    What does the future really hold for The United Methodist Church? asks seminarian Gabe Horton. God may never tell us. more »

  • Better Together

    United Methodists could take a good lesson from voters in Scotland, where the theme "better together" kept the country in political union with the United Kingdom. more »

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    Public Domain Photo

    Who Will Lead Us?

    The new Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt family inspires a meditation on the nature and need for leadership in church and society. more »

  • Dana & Megan

    Photo Courtesy of Channels, Pacific Northwest Blog

    A Holy Conferencing Reality

    Seminarian Ethan Gregory is learning about holy conferencing from his theologically more conservative classmate. more »

  • Trash Soccer Ball

    Photo Courtesy of UMC LEAD

    Frugal Innovation

    Churches don't need shiny new programs or old retreads, but genuine innovation using the resources they have on hand, writes seminarian Gabe Horton. more »

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