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First Round of Donations Continues Forum

The first week of fundraising for United Methodist Insight produces enough in donations to cover another month's operating expenses. However, efforts continue to secure larger and more permanent funding.

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May 30, 2012 About This Project (1 Comments)

  • When they called it a "Modest Proposal" I thought they were citing Jonathan Swift's satiric "modest...

    Mitchell Hay | Some Suggestions for a Unified UMC (or the A&W Plan)

  • People keep talking about "finding out what we have in common". Well, put your money where you mout...

    Betsy | Antagonisn't

  • A view from the pew: What intrigues me about this brouhaha is absolutely nobody stops and look at t...

    Betsy | Antagonisn't


United Methodist Insight helps leaders prepare for 21st century challenges of faith. Click on the donate button above for online giving. Or make checks payable to St. Stephen UMC and write "UM Insight" on the memo line. Then mail to United Methodist Insight, c/o St. Stephen United Methodist Church, 2520 Oates Drive, Mesquite, TX 75150. Thank you!