“Say What?”: The Vague Call of Reform



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If the saving Grace of Jesus and Love are not your "true first priority" than all is lost for the UM. Bigger shows are not what Christians need. Jesus says LOVE is the greatest of all gifts. I think LOVE should be the "true first priiority" the lack of love has probably hurt business you think.

lori.wells@us.army.mil more than 4 years ago

Vital Congregations

I so agree with your thoughts...I think most people outside of the church or those people disillusioned with the major denominations are looking for something that they know is going to be challenging but is going to change their hearts and lives. We have diluted our churches down to the point that if you go to worship and you show up for an activity or two and you put money in the offering plate that you can check off religion as done. There aren't enough of our pastors preaching about truly opening up our hearts and fully accepting God into every part of our life--not just the Sunday-go-to-church part of our life. I am glad to see the Vital Congregation initiative because I think it begins to get back to the basics. But without strong leadership throughout the UM church helping put the meat on the initiative, it is going to be yet another program that is shelved after a couple of years without any discernible change. We need to learn from the UM churches that are thriving around our area and learn from them. Yes--I do think that my small church can learn from churches such as Ginghamsburg and Church of the Resurrection, etc. etc. I need a small group program so that I can build safe relationships. My church might be small but it is not so small that it wouldn't benefit from closer relationships. Likewise, we might not have a lot of youth but putting the energy into this program is critical to not losing those families and to instilling something that those children and youth will carry forward.

I love the teachings of the UM church and I pray that GC12 will be a turning point to return to the teachings of Wesley and the lessons from the Bible and start carrying out God's will in the most effective way possible. Thanks, Ben, for sharing your thougths and God bless.

Irene more than 5 years ago

Vital Congregations

The problem, I see, with the VC initiative is that it ignores the reality of small membership churches. Small group ministries? Children and Youth ministries? You've got to be kidding. Is this simply a plan to kill off what once was the majority of UM Congregations and leave us with a denomination of large and mega churches?

Elliott J Bush more than 5 years ago

Notable Quotes

Alt Jesus

"Christians in America are no longer people of faith, we’re people of fear. Instead of truly putting our trust, faith, and reliance upon the Way, teachings, and example of Jesus, we put our actual faith in guns, our obscenely over-funded military, and in strong-man  authoritarian leaders."

– Rev. Roger Wolsey, a United Methodist pastor and author, in his blog post, "O We of Little Faith," on Patheos.com

“For long-term sustained action [to counteract climate change threats], we need hope. We need love. We need encouragement. We need that sense of shared community of being in this together. And for many people … faith communities often provide exactly that.”

– Climate scientist and committed Christian Katharine Hayhoe, part of a panel at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, quoted by Lauren Markoe for Religion News Service.

“Religion is more than just a belief system; it’s also a community. Churches are among our most powerful, most  important engines for civic engagement and public participation.”

– Northeastern University professor Matthew Nisbet, part of panel on communicating climate change effective to people of faith at the recent conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciencequoted by Lauren Markoe for Religion News Service.

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