How Will We Change Our Minds?



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Speaking Truth

This statement lifts truth, which shines a penetrating light on the damaging and disappointing actions of the General UMC committed the past four decades.

Rev Kev more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes

"I urge my friends who will be delegates or will attend to lobby the denomination for changes to its position on homosexuality to skip the committee meetings, the lobbying sessions, the celebratory gatherings and most of the plenary sessions; dispense with the hallway hymn sings and pleading newsletters. Consider instead spending the time to organize a massive effort to begin moving tens or hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions out of the United Methodist Church into another denomination (or denominations) with theology and polity more consistent with your understanding of the Gospel."

– Blogger "The Observant Queer," a former UMC activist who now describes himself as a "recovering Christian," in a post titled "United Methodist Church LGBT Folk and Progressives - Time to Move On?" for Chicago Now.

"Few things make us angrier as human beings than seeing other people getting away with things without punishment. That’s why we needed to crucify Jesus, so that somebody would pay for all that sin."

– The Rev. Morgan Guyton in a blog post, "Is Punishment the Primary Vocation of a Bishop?"

" ... Let’s acknowledge the Discipline is not divinely inspired Scripture. Who is the author of this book? Several hundred people, clergy and laity, working through translators in nine different languages, meet every four years, and after considerable rancor, debate that involves no listening whatsoever, and back-room manipulation, and in an exhausted, cranky mood, we finally take a vote, and the winner, maybe with nothing more than 50 percent plus one of those votes, becomes the Discipline.

- The Rev. James C. Howell in a blog post "Our United Methodist Book of Discipline.

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