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active bishops and equality

I hear you about the active bishops fearing the h word. However, individual bishops are starting to speak plainly. Check out this quote from Bishop Grant Hagiya in the Pacific Northwest:
"I also personally grieve over our United Methodist Church polity that will not recognize same-sex marriage. I believe that it is wrong, and we should work for a more inclusive and humane response."

Jeff Conn more than 4 years ago


For the last eight years the grassroots of the United Methodist Church have totally rejected the proposals and plans of the bishops. I refer to the Constitutional Amendments to reorganize the church in 2008 and the Call to Action restructure in 2012. The church has no confidence in the council of bishops. In the business world, they would all be fired. Indeed, a majority of the General Conference delegates voted for term limits for bishops.

And yet they seem to believe that the problem is always with others. In my honest opinion, our bishops have done more harm to the UMC than any other group. Will they wake up?

The bishops show little respect to clergy or laity. I could give specific examples, but I expect there is little need. You have to give respect to earn respect. Perhaps the bishops should make rebuilding trust a priority.

That is this pastor's opinion, and I am speaking of the council of bishops as a whole. I am not bitter over any specific personal issue with any particular individual.

Mike Childs more than 4 years ago

Respecting Bishops

The active Bishops avoid the issue of homosexuality out of fear (I fear!!)

How else can it be explained that the bishops who support changing The Discipline are all retired.

Rev. C. Richard Cox more than 4 years ago

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