Red-Letter Christianity: Unpaving the 'Romans Road'



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Romans 3:20 translated right is ecumenical

Romans 3:20 really translates to "Not all flesh shall be justified by the deeds of the law" as in some will and some will not. The next clause "for by the law is the knowledge of sin" is an interpolation not found in all mss. Then comes the phrase in 21 about "but now a righteousness of God without the law is manifest" -- in the original epistle of Romans prior to all the anti-semitic additions, Paul was just saying "the Jews no longer have a monopoly on salvation: some will be saved by the law and some by faith in Christ." But the anti-semites changed this into nobody can be saved by the law!

Jose G more than 4 years ago

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   "... Every modern institution faces crises in this complex, chaotic century. What differentiates great organizations is whether and how they react, specifically their ability to galvanize a robust, united response to their challenges. Faced with urgent crises, healthy organizations rally together to save the institution they love. Unhealthy organizations play the blame game."

– Chris Lowney, writing in "Is the Catholic Church a Capsizing Ship?" for Religion News Service.

“Religion is a very complex subject, spanning the whole spectrum of human behavior. It can be an ethical, exalted expression, but religion can also be a mind-control technique to subjugate the masses.”

– Religion scholar Robert Forte, commenting in "How San Francisco's Summer of Love Sparked Today's Religious Movements" by Don Lattin for Religion News Service. 

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