The Theology of Government Shutdown: Christian Dominionism



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The Ranting Stenographer Blew The Cover

Thanks for a reasoned analysis. After the House vote, a stenographer took to a microphone to give an odd non sequitur rant about how "God is not mocked" because the U.S. constitution was "written by freemasons". She was led from the chamber by a couple of Congressmen, but later snarky political gossipers released her name and salary ($126,200/year!) and revealed her husband was a producer of "Christian music". In a moment of stress she revealed the essence of the theology of Dominionism or "Christian Reconstructionism:" the values of The Enlightenment, as represented by the American founders in a constitutional convention closed to the public and the media, presided over by the esteemed Revolutionary War hero George Washington - a noted Freemason as were many other members of the assembly - constitute the enemy to those who would institute theocracy. This is clearly outlined in the works of Gary North, son-in-law of Rousas John Rushdoony, that the intellectual basis of the Religious Right is entirely constituted in antienlightenment and antimasonry. An interesting coda to both this legislative denoument and Garrison Keillor's title for his rant about the results of the 2004 election, "When the enlightenment went out." .I'd bet a piece of American currency that features a portrait of that noted Pennsylvania printer, freemason and babydaddy for several doxies from taverns on South Broad Street, Benjamin Franklin, that a search of her house would reveal more than one book authored by Gary North. And thus this one troubled woman has come to personify the victims of religious predators like the Cruzes, pere and fils, and their colleagues in crisis creating, Rushdoony and North. Well, at least she wasn't armed, thanks to the metal detectors, unlike another noted sufferer of what Alexis de Tocqueville called the common "religious insanity" in the United States, tat being of course, the Army Major-Pyschiatrist Dr. Abdul Hassan of Fort Hood infamy, who decided to strike a blow for Allah by massacreing his fellow soldiers and now sits on death row. Oh, what a world we live in!

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes

Brian McLaren"All of us, especially people of faith, need to proclaim that white supremacy and white privilege and all other forms of racism and injustice must indeed be replaced with something better – the beloved community where all are welcome, all are safe, and all are free. White supremacist and Nazi dreams of apartheid must be replaced with a better dream – people of all tribes, races, creeds, and nations learning to live in peace, mutual respect, and neighborliness. Such a better world is possible, but only if we set our hearts on realizing the possibility."

– Brian McLaren, writing in "What I Saw in Charlottesville" on the Auburn Seminary website.

"The idea of racial (or most any other) supremacy is antithetical to that Gospel. We should remember that Jesus himself grasped for no superiority, no rank, but instead made himself a servant, giving himself in love. What we saw in Charlottesville was therefore a kind of anti-gospel, something that must be resisted, yes–but more, something that must be overcome."

– Dr. Craig Hill, dean of United Methodist-related Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, on Facebook.

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