November 16, 2012

Notable Quote

The priority of our conference has to be to proclaim the joy, the mercy and the love of Jesus Christ at all times and in all places and to all people,” [Roman Catholic] Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Coyne said [of the Vatican's recent conference on human sexuality]. "When you have that as your communications starting point, it changes the tenor of what we say and how we are perceived

– Religion News Service Nov. 12 Roundup

  • Packer Experience

    Photo Courtesy of Dan R. Dick

    Anticipation Advent-ure

    How can we get as excited about Advent as Green Bay Packers' fans do during home games at Lambeau Field? asks the Rev. Dan R. Dick. more »

  • An Advent Reflection

    What was started in Bethlehem is still going on today as the Word of God, Jesus, the love of God made flesh at Christmas, continues to speak to us through word, songs, and our compassion for our neighbors, writes the Rev. Deborah Coble Wise. more »

  • Mystery Worship: Passive Performance, Baptist-Style

    The Rev. Christy Thomas continues her journey through different styles of worship with a type familiar to many Protestant congregations: the passive performance in which worshipers are consumers of religious services. more »

  • Feminism Lifting Up

    Photo by Hannah Adair Bonner

    Feminism: Lifting All People Up

    The aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has the Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner challenging Christians to recognize how feminism has aided the struggle of all people to escape oppression. more »

  • Love Your Neighbors as Yourself

    In the first of six parts, the Rev. Steven Manskar of Discipleship Ministries explores the Wesleyan concept of "growing in holiness" as a lifelong discipline.