Anxiety and the General Conference



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What GC DID do

It was clear that the extremely radical proposals of the Connectional Table did not sit well with the GC, including a number of its own members. While the Church needs something, that was not it.
However, the Agencies' individual revisions of their programs, budgets and boards was a good thing. It is just what a good organization should do every decade or so the bring themselves up to date, prime out old stuff and get set for a new decade.
Now we have a quadrennium to see how those agencies function, to allow them to correct any errors in their plans, and in 2016 present the GC with a functioning body of Agencies.
I think that was the best possible outcome, and we will be MUCH better prepared to consider overall structures in 4 years.
Somehow the CT will have to be prevented from spending another couple of million dollars on consultants who tell is what we already know, and/or treat us like businesses whose bottom line is numbers, and profitability and instead, we all need to consider what churches ARE, what God intended them to be, and where we SHOULD be.

Anne Ewing more than 4 years ago

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“The period of Lent is given us to focus on what can be changed by listening carefully to the word of God. The word of God brings the clarity about injustices, but also how we are given a new opportunity to change injustices to justice. God has given that we in the death of Jesus Christ have been liberated from our trespasses as he was raised for our justification.”

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The Rev. Junius B. Dotson, top executive of Discipleship Ministries, lays out his agency’s plans to help United Methodists reach people for Jesus. He addressed his agency’s board in Nashville, Tenn.“We have tried to reverse this decline by trying to offering technical fixes, tinkering with our worship services, collecting huge amounts of data, tinkering with metrics and then when the metrics didn’t fit the picture we wanted, we readjusted the metrics.  [United Methodists] can’t program our way back to vitality; there is no quick fix."

– The Rev. Junius B. Dotson, top executive of Discipleship Ministries, unveiling his goals for the agency to create 1 million new Christian disciples over the next four years, reported by Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service.

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