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May 9, 2012

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May 9, 2012

  • Dana & Megan

    Photo Courtesy of Channels, Pacific Northwest Blog

    A Holy Conferencing Reality

    Seminarian Ethan Gregory is learning about holy conferencing from his theologically more conservative classmate. more »

  • Jim Crow Laws

    Creative Commons Share via Hacking Christianity

    Echoes of Jim Crow in The United Methodist Church

    The Rev. Jeremy Smith examines the connection between past racial discrimination and The United Methodist Church's current institutional sexism against LGBT people. more »

  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    United States Holocaust Museum Photo

    Humbled in D.C. by Religion and Race

    Visiting museums dedicated to the Holocaust and American Indians throws sharp light on the links between racism and religion, writes the Rev. Tim McClendon. more »

  • Holy Conversations

    UMNS Photo by Paul Jeffrey

    Talking About a Global Denomination

    Consultations in Asia, Africa and North America, along with surveys and video reports, give United Methodists a chance to contribute to visions of a truly worldwide denomination, writes David W. Scott. more »

  • John Wesley Profile

    Photo Courtesy of Wes Magruder

    Dear #UMC, Let's Reclaim Our Confessional Heritage

    Scholar Joel L. Watts thinks the current United Methodist denomination should dig more deeply into the two main branches of its heritage to reclaim clear statements of belief. more »

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