Game Theory and General Conference 2019



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another path

It would be highly advisable to try to poll the delegates before they arrive to see if any of the plans that survive the Judicial Council already have majority support or at least do not have a strong majority in opposition.

It seems that many supporters of the "One Church Plan" proclaim broad support despite the repeated failures of "local option" at General Conference. Is "leadership" going to insist that the "One Church Plan" be the first one considered and after its failure allow the demonstrators to shut down General Conference?

Creed S Pogue 217 days ago

The vote.

I have been wondering about how the vote would be conducted and whether a simple majority would decide things or a larger vote. I would hope that something so monumental would require a super majority, but I am not familiar with procedures here. At what point would "gracious exit" proposals be considered?

David 219 days ago

Game Theory

I found this article simply fascinating. I'm only marginally familiar with game theory so this explanation helped. It does seem likely that whatever does pass will cause enormous destruction to the hope and ministry of United Methodism.

Christy Thomas 221 days ago

Game theory

I was wondering if anyone would try and game this. And the results from voting when there are more than two choices can have counter-intuitive results. Suppose the voting was done the opposite way. The delegates vote for the plan they want eliminated from consideration and we work our way to the top two contenders? Might that get us to the plan with the most support?

Kevin 224 days ago

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 – HH The Dalai Lama, interviewed in the Los Angeles Times

    "[Author Vincent Strudwick] reimagines church as catalyst, transfiguring an egoistic society back to an altruistic one, celebrating a God who is as weak as water, but as irresistible as a river. Decisions should be taken at the lowest possible grass-roots level, dialogue superseding proclamation, and embodiment replacing autocracy.

– The Rt. Rev. David Wilbourne, Assistant Bishop of Llandaff in the Church of England, reviewing Strudwick's book: "The Naked God: Wrestling for a Grace-ful Humanity" in Church Times.


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