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Where is my voice?

“Hopefully, it invites reflection and sparks conversation that takes seriously the experiences of LGBTQIA+ persons as collaborators in the future of the church, instead of as ‘objects’ of debate." I repented of bisexual practice and queer attraction. I daily deny the temptation to dwell on sexual attraction outside my marriage. I daily practice my identity in Christ. I cling to the orthodox interpretation of Scripture. I know there are others like me out there in the UMC. We find ourselves in an awkward position: for many of us, sharing our testimonies would be like "coming out of the closet." With the debate heating up, I am starting to feel an urgency to speak up now because I feel like my perspective--OUR perspective-- is completely left out of the dabate. We are your annual conference delegates, lay leaders, trustees, worship leaders, organists, deacon candidates, and youth leaders. And we picked up our crosses to follow Jesus. LGBTQ-affirming theological progressives are saying repentance and obedience to Scripture is...what? Not necessary to follow Christ? Those of us who repent of sexual sin have heeded the Holy Spirit's conviction. Did the Holy Spirit lie to us? What of the painful process of leaving homosexuality behind? Was that for nothing? I say, "No!" Christ suffered immeasurably more to pay for our freedom from sin. And this freedom is far more glorious than the false "freedom" that was sexual liberty. So...where is my voice? Somebody, please, invite me to the conversation.

Kathe 235 days ago

Dear Kathe

Thank you so much for sharing your struggle and your obedience to God. Those saying repentance and obedience to Scripture are not necessary to follow Christ are not motivated by love and ignore the truth of God. I am so glad you have chosen a new life! I heard a phrase today "repent and join the family." With that in mind, Welcome to the family of God! Be strong in your faith and it will grow. May God bless you.

Skipper 234 days ago

Thanks, Kathe

Well said, Kathe. Thank you.

Scott 234 days ago

115 United Methodists out of somewhere between 8 and 10 million gets this much press?

Ms Hahn reports: "So far, 115 United Methodists — including 13 General Conference delegates — have signed on to support the plan." Wow! Really? That many? Many of the UMC churches in the Mid-West and South could muster that many signatures AGAINST that plan and most of the others. So, why the hoop-lah on the simple plan? Why no ink for a yet unseen plan to split the church and each side quietly go their own way? - that is where we are headed anyway...

Reese 236 days ago

Simple plan

I think there is a lot of confusion because the proposed plans are misnamed. We should fix that.
Simple Plan = Destroy The UMC Plan
One Church Plan = Split Church Plan
Connectional Plan = Congregational Hot Mess Plan
Traditional Plan = Send the LGBT Crowd Packing Plan

There. Now we can discuss them with a common understanding.

Kevin 238 days ago


George Orwell would have loved the use of Newspeak here.

George Nixon Shuler 238 days ago


You're quite right... plans that will only fracture us should never have been called by names that suggest unity.

John 237 days ago


I was actually referring to Mr. Kevin's Nostradamus imitation there, and now yours.

George Nixon Shuler 235 days ago


We can't be like Lewis Carroll's Humpty Dumpty and claim words have whatever meanings we want to give them. The Simple Plan will drive out hardened Traditionalists. The Traditionalist Plan will crack down on hardened Progressives. The One Church Plan is strongly opposed by hardened Progressives and hardened Traditionalists, will probably send packing those at the extremes of both groups, and will still kick the can down the road; there's also the very real possibility that key provisions may not pass constitutional muster. The Connectional Plan will deepen the division that currently is seen at General Conference levels as local churches are forced to decide which connectional conference to align with, all the while waiting for numerous constitutional amendments to be passed and new structures to be created. Given that, Kevin's not the least bit Orwellian in his descriptors.

John 234 days ago

An even simpler plan

Perhaps it is time for the Methodists to follow the Baptists and allow local congregations to be autonomous. Many of the mega churches are non denominational and perhaps smaller one could be the same. One rarely finds the doctrinal disputes in local churches compared to denominations. Perhaps the days of having denominations are over.

I think we all know what is going to happen at GC 2019. If things were to be liberalized, there would have been changes made previously. The only thing left is deciding how to divide up the property of churches and pensions of those who no longer want or are allowed to continue in the denomination.

David 238 days ago

The truly simple plan

If you disagree with what General Conference is saying and you can no longer abide by the Discipline, then leave. It does not get any simpler than that. It is what I am on the verge of doing because I am a heterosexual white female that is tired of the insanity of trying to support a church that has no clue who it is and what it is it needs to be doing and it will go so far as to reorganize itself to accommodate those who refuse to acknowledge any authority but their own conscience.

betsy 239 days ago

not yet

Hang in there, Betsy. Your work in the United Methodist Church isn't finished.

In Christ,

The Answer is in the Book

The Answer is in the Book 238 days ago

Another “progressive” victory?

I hope you realize, Betsy, this is exactly what the “progressive” ideology within the UMC is depending upon. When sufficient numbers of those of us who arrive at our ideology/theology from God’s Word as found in the Holy Bible rather than the deluding influence of that voice asking “Did God really say...?” ; then it will be required not only to be “inclusive” of those desiring affirmation of lifestyles which God clearly abhors, but will take the next logical step and become exclusive and intolerant of those who follow God’s Word in our theological formulation. But then, is this not consistent with the prediction of Jesus?

Scott 234 days ago

Notable Quotes   

     "Personally, I just want the infighting and the time and energy this issue has taken away from the church to be in mission and evangelism to end. If it means an amicable parting, then so be it. Sad as that may be I have to believe that it is God’s will and not mine."

– Rev. Terry L. Tilton, Chisholm (Minn.) United Methodist Church, writing in the Hibbing (Minn.) Daily Tribune.


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