Simple Plan v. One Church Plan: Are Progressives Splitting the Vote?



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One Church Plan

Isn't it really the Two Church Plan or Two Group Plan? One church believes God and Christ call us to be a moral people. The other group would like to condone immoral living. That's two very different groups. They can no more get along together than light and darkness.

Skipper 147 days ago

Has the “Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic” metaphor been over-used yet? It truly fits Dr. Jeremy’s epistle

Let me try to be 100% unambiguous: I will not attend/support a single church, or its denomination, which allows homosexual clergy or weddings. Period. I lead or follow nobody in this matter, but I have no doubt that I am in the majority in my part of America. Dr. Jeremy prefers EVERY single church allow, endorse, maybe even promote homosexual clergy and weddings. Basic laws of physics do not allow these two diametric positions to occupy the same space!

The “Simple Plan” is simply awful. It means all us old traditionalists like me won’t fit in anymore; Not in our own church, not in our conference or denomination… However, the One-Church Plan has two-ways to leave either side marooned on a contentious island among those with whom they are not “in full communion”, so to speak. Try to imagine what the map would look like! Districts? Conferences? Chaos!

Moreover, what happens when the gay clergy of a progressive smaller church, wants to grow his/her career in a larger church that is traditional? And, vice-versa? Or, when a traditional clergy gets in a wedding conflict with his/her homosexual bishop over bending the rules for a homosexual wedding in a traditional church? Lord have mercy, but the lawsuit possibilities are incalculable. Do I exaggerate? Ask a certain small baker about homosexual wedding cake litigation…

My best “simple plan” is very simple: the “Half-Church-Plan”: Half the No-Longer-United churches take their stuff and go thata-way and half go thisa-way in a friendly way that tells the lawyers to go-away.

Reading UM-Insight articles indicates that there’s plenty of politicking, jockying, arm-twisting, vote-counting, and strategizing going on. Those votes will prove irrelevant in saving the cash-depleted, emotionally-drained UMC. Dr. Jeremy closes with, “I support the Simple Plan because it makes room for all without forcing a change of mind or heart from on high.” Seriously? The challenge is not from “on high”. It’s us pewsters “down low” who pay the bills – and there’s enough of us to matter - who have no intention of changing our mind or our heart. S-P-L-I-T = “Simple Plan Loses It Totally”

Reese 156 days ago

Bye, Felicia

Sounds like a plan.

George Nixon Shuler 155 days ago

One Church Plan

The One Church Plan should be workable for all unless those who do not agree with the One Church Plan want everything their way. Those who dislike the One Church Plan still think, even after scientific evidence to the contrary, that our LBGT sisters and brothers choose to be LBGT. Science proved overwhelmingly, in 1976 that if someone is LBGT they were LBGT at birth. They are no more sinners than am I a short, old lady who has always been short. Did I choose my height? No, it is genetic, in my case, as my parents and grandparents were short. I am heterosexual, but I did not choose to be so, it is how I was born. I cannot pray to become a Lesbian, or Bisexual because that will not happen.
Why must we always repeat history? If you are old enough you remember when our African American sisters and brothers could not attain full inclusion, thus it is so, today with our LBGT sisters and brothers. Let us fully include all God's Children who love God and their neighbors as themselves and go with the One Church Plan. If your conference will not allow LBGT full inclusion and you and all your family members wish to be included, transfer to a conference that is accepting. Many people are leaving the UMC due to the discriminatory words of the BoD. I can understand why and the UMC is suffering from this exodus. Wake up UMC or lose more of your members.

Carla Skidmore 155 days ago

Notable Quotes   

   "My wish is that, one day, formal education will pay attention to the education of the heart, teaching love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance and peace. This education is necessary, from kindergarten to secondary schools and universities. I mean social, emotional and ethical learning. We need a worldwide initiative for educating heart and mind in this modern age."

 – HH The Dalai Lama, interviewed in the Los Angeles Times

    "[Author Vincent Strudwick] reimagines church as catalyst, transfiguring an egoistic society back to an altruistic one, celebrating a God who is as weak as water, but as irresistible as a river. Decisions should be taken at the lowest possible grass-roots level, dialogue superseding proclamation, and embodiment replacing autocracy.

– The Rt. Rev. David Wilbourne, Assistant Bishop of Llandaff in the Church of England, reviewing Strudwick's book: "The Naked God: Wrestling for a Grace-ful Humanity" in Church Times.


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