The Golden Calves of the United Methodist Church



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Do You Even Care?

John Wesley and the Methodists have always sought diligently to live holy lives, as we serve a holy God who demands we live holy lives because He is holy. You approve of immoral lifestyles, yet you claim to be a Methodist. How can this be? It's as if you have never heard of a Methodist. Don't you know the lifestyle you promote is destroying the relationship with God of the people you claim are excluded? Don't you care that they need a Savior and must repent and turn from their sin like all people to receive God's grace and forgiveness? Do you care where people spend eternity?

Skipper 156 days ago

Your premise is not supported evidence, or anything else besides prejudice.

George Nixon Shuler 149 days ago

Makes me wonder

I wonder if the same voices who berate LGBTQ also used the same arguments when it came to equality of Blacks, Women, etc. This US based issue seems to be a fight as to whether we go back to Jim Crowe, women subjugated, and everyone "knowing their place" or a more open society? Are we a Beloved Society or a cloistered home church? I read the argument on the traditionalist side that they have the right to have their views as much as next person. And indeed you do. However, in America at least you don't get to have those views without them being challenged. Yeah I have the right to push people walking down a sidewalk. I can do that. But at some point people push back. And it doesn't matter that this has been the tradition. It doesn't make it right. We use to burn crosses on Black folks lawns and to threaten them to "keep our communities pure and safe". Whole communities bought in. Some still do. It doesn't however make it right. It doesn't make it Christian and it doesn't mean that people eventually won't fight back. We are at that point again and the crucible of justness, freedom, and our mission to bring light to the world balances in a cracked crucible. We must decide differently this time. We must decide again that Christs Blood is sufficient enough to cover all and that God's creation is strong enough to tolerate it.

eric pone 163 days ago

Golden Calves

It is clear that he views the One Church Plan as simply a step toward the so called Simple Plan once true enlightenment has settled in and we all embrace the LGBT agenda.
If he wants to throw out the term idolatry then how about those who are willing to sacrifice the unity of the UMC on the idol of homosexual relations?

Kevin 163 days ago

If there is a "high cost"

It is because there are some things worth standing your ground and fighting for. Reality is, you are critiquing traditionalists because we have not just let you have your way. Our beliefs are every bit as valid and important to us as yours are to you. And when you can get to the point of respecting and understanding that then things will go a lot smoother for all of us. I will defend your right to believe as you see fit. Problem is, with you, it is a one way street. And that is why the cost has become so high. You expect us to give way, but you don't have to.

betsy 163 days ago

Proof separation is necessary

Your comments prove why our differences as Methodists are not reconcilable, requiring separation into at least two Wesleyan denominations. You believe those of us who believe in following our Book of Discipline and a traditional understanding of Scripture worship a golden calf. I suppose you must think yourself a Moses who will enlighten us backward-thinking tradionalists. Or perhaps your golden calf is your “progressive” sense that leads you to worship at the altar of far left liberal identity politics. Either way, it trouble me that you have any responsibilities for training ministers who are required to take an oath to follow our discipline. I’m fine with you going your own way and wish you well. I just wish you had enough tolerance to let traditionalists go our own way without feeling the need to demonize us.

John 164 days ago

“idolatry of exclusion”, “Golden Calves” – fairly insulting words against my parents, former clergy and generations before…

Doesn’t bother me, however. I went to the U of Texas where I was confronted with some of the most outrageous liberalism anywhere and learned to just laugh at it…
Yet, I wish to note that we Americans are unique in our inventiveness. When we see a need, or cannot find what we want, we invent it or adapt to something new the market offers which is close enough. Our plethora of fast-food cuisines, for example, our wide selection of cars and trucks, our amazing alternatives in clothing… If there is a need, our system fills it.
So, it is a mystery to me why there is not a homosexual church. We celebrate our “freedom of religion”, so why would homosexuals suffer to the degree detailed by Dr. Davies rather than create a church where they control everything? If the UMC has been so unfair, why has a “GayMC” not sprung up down the street?
In the absence of a church alternative to support their lifestyle, homosexuals and their proponents have sought to change traditional mainline denominations into their own image. That’s caused so much pain and anguish all around. For what? The Presbyterians finally split, following the Lutherans, and now the United Methodists are un-uniting and could veer as close to extinction as Episcopalians. Why did it have to be this way?

Reese 164 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "Christ told us specifically where He would be found and where we were to worship Him as Christians until He came in glory: Christ is in the people who need our help. Christ is in hungry and thirsty people; in people without adequate clothing and shelter; in people who are strangers in a strange land and people who are imprisoned. Any so-called Christianity that ignores or, God forbid, abuses such people is pernicious heresy from the pit of hell. You spit on the Body of Christ in the Chalice when you abuse Him in the body of your neighbor."

    – Mary Pezzulo, "How to Help Imprisoned Migrants," on her blog "Steel Magnificat" on


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