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Operation Christmas Child

OCC is an evangelical ministry, spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ via a simple shoebox, with a book that presents that Gospel, in accordance with the Great Commission. That book is meat; the 'gifts' are gravy. What 'Gospel" do you preach? Your article is uncharitable trash and bash. Shame on you. I hope and pray that your heart will heal before you leave this earth.

Meredith 125 days ago

Bryant - Please read your Bible, then live it,

I am not the one to judge Franklin Graham or Bryant or anyone but the word stands, “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”

Sean Miller 143 days ago

Operation Christmas Child

The good that this methodist preacher does is nothing compaired to the good Franklin Graham does for his ministries.

Tiff 193 days ago

Unfortunate rant

This one-sided bashing of Graham and OCC is quite uncharitable! Perhaps you should watch some of their videos, talk with one of their reps and experience some of the life-impact and community inroads that have been made. Yes, this is all introductory and has an American flavor. But it's a doorway to present Jesus. Your article misrepresents and only bashed -- which is not a way to emulate or portray our Lord.

Craig 204 days ago

How much do you really know about Operation Christmas Child?

There are many false and misleading statements in your opinion piece. First of all, boxes don't contain just toys. Boxes contain personal hygiene items, such as toothbrushes, soap, and washcloths, basic school supplies, such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, and notebooks, and personal items, such as clothing, as well as toys. Many of the children who receive these things desperately need them and appreciate them. Giving needy children tangible things that they can use is an appropriate activity (James 2:15-16). Your attack on Franklin Graham is without foundation and reveals more about your character than his, and what it reveals about your character is not good. As for inappropriate items in the boxes, volunteers look for inappropriate items in the boxes when they are inspected at the processing center, and any inappropriate items found are replaced with appropriate items. No "third hand rags" are ever shipped. That is nonsense. If a child does receive an item that he or she doesn't have a use for, it will likely be passed on to someone who can use it. If there is an item in the box that no one can use, what does it matter if all the other items in the box are exactly what that child needs and wants? I will continue to pack Operation Christmas Child boxes and encourage others to do so, knowing that we are making a lot of needy children happy, and giving many of those children an opportunity to learn about Jesus, which is what the Bible tells us we are supposed to do.

Arlene more than 1 year ago


One year we were told to send tools like hammers n screwdrivers! Now what are they doing with those?
Child labor ?

Janie 246 days ago

Operation Christmas Child

What on earth do you think they would do with hammer and nails? Building things. Learning a skill that may help their family. Learning to have and add value by maybe building a box for his mom to put something in. Maybe building a better shield from sun or wind. Maybe even building a toy. Boys need to know skills and want to have purpose. Do you think because a child of 10-14 years old works hard that is slave labor?

Teresa Arneson 200 days ago

Oh come on

Are you telling me that packing a box with tooth brushes, wash cloths and soap is not useful!? Really!? And also; Franklin doesn't just give out shoeboxes. Samaritan's Purse works to improve the quality of life for people. I'm 19 and I'm Protestant and even I can see how bizarre and frankly; twisted and untrue this article is.

Gigi more than 1 year ago

Oh my!

Your writings are absolutely bizarre to believe a Methodist man of God feels, writes and believes this.
If one box makes one child happy, deserving and loved then I'll keep sending my boxes! If one box makes a child believe that one person, unknown to them, loved them enough to send them a Christmas box, then I'm happy to be that Christian.
Love conquers and trumps everything else in the world, including your views, but I will pray for you.

Sharon more than 1 year ago


you article is pretty shallow. By the way, what are you or your congregation doing for underprivileged children around the world? Oh, okay. That's kind of broad, I realize. What about in the USA? No? How about the Eastern Shore? Your state of North Carolina? Maybe....even...Ocracoke? There can't be that many kids there with needs. What are you doing there in Ocracoke? I'll even give you a pass on that. What.are.you.doing for underprivileged kids. in...your...church? You do open your doors to underprivileged, right?

What Have YOU done lately? more than 1 year ago


i want to say so much BUT I wont I'll let GOD fight the battle and I'll pray for you

debbie more than 1 year ago

Hate-filled piece

"Faux Christianity"??..."Anything Franklin Graham touches is toxic"?? Such commentary does not deserve to be associated with Christianity. Is this some kind of joke? The mischaracterization of Franklin Graham here is so extreme as to not really warrant any fair-minded person's attention...unfortunately, many misinformed, naive people will accept such absurdity as something resembling truth (when, in reality, it's nowhere close). That the article practices what it supposedly condemns should be obvious to any thinking individual. Even if you disagree with his strain of Christianity, Graham has done more good than most self-congratulatory theological liberals combined. Get a clue. Stop the hate. All you are doing is sealing the fate of the UMC.

Mark more than 3 years ago


I think you are correct about this and it's a pity that this is so popular with congregations. Aside from all the good reasons you mention, we should also keep in mind that Franklin Graham keeps much of the money donated for "shipping" for himself and his wife, who both draw exorbitant salaries. And what message are we exporting to the children who receive these packages? What are saying the meaning of Christmas is?

There are so many better ways to be charitable.

Thanks for speaking up on this.

Bill more than 3 years ago

Operation Christmas Child

"Anything Franklin Graham touches is toxic"? "Faux-Christianity" Really? If this is so toxic and fake, and is not blessed by God then why does it keep growing and touching and changing lives? Do you know how many prayers go into each box at each step along the way? Are they faux, too? And by the way, clothes are not included in the instructions of how to pack a shoebox.
How is he an extremist when he calls for Christians not to compromise the Word of God and give in to political correctness , humanism, secularism, and all the other -isms? (By the way, Mr. Moderator, you have allowed 'ad hominem attacks on an individual')The program may leave much to be desired, but read and study Weslely before you make any more judgement on Franklin's faith.
As for the two salaries, he gave up one for a while and the board of directors reinstated it later. So take it up with them. Would you, as a pastor, be willing to give up your salary, or housing allowance, or travel pay, or utilities, or insurance, or pension plan?
I've not met the man, but I have attended one of his crusades, heard his testimony, and saw numerous people respond to the gospel message. I didn't notice any arrogance or condescending manner, but he was straightforward. And I can't imagine any Christian being disgusted by what he is doing or has done. I can understand someone being envious or jealous, though.
And I pray that I will never be ashamed, regardless of what anyone else does, to say that I am a Christian.

William H. Pearsall, Sr. more than 3 years ago

Thank You

I appreciate your taking on this so-called "tradition," and the faux Christianity of Franklin Graham. I admit, his program is a brilliant move to create an easy, feel good outlet for people who want to think they're doing some good in the world, but as you note, the religion of Franklin Graham would not match at all with Methodism's foundations, and the program itself leaves much to be desired.

Graham's TWO salaries from his organizations (either of which seems pretty excessive for what he does), his extravagant lifestyle, and the way he treats the people around him is disgusting. I know people who have gone to work for his evangelical association in Boone, and then not been paid at all, or what was agreed. When they spoke with Graham about it, he suggested they get parttime jobs. I've met the man, and he is arrogant and condescending. He puts out press releases under the name of his father, who I am sure has no idea, and likely would have not endorsed much of what Graham says.

Frankly, and I really do hate to say this about anyone, he's pretty disgusting, and I wish more people understood that about him. He's one of the people that almost makes ashamed to tell others I'm Christian.

BJohnM more than 3 years ago


Franklin Graham's organization is rated 96% (financial) and 100% (accountability and transparency) by Charlity Navigator. Franklin Graham's salary is .002% of his organization's income; he gave up his salary and retirement, but the board reinstated it. What percentage of your church's income is your salary? And would you give it up to help the church? Does the board have to pressure you to accept a raise and are you available to serve in a lower paying church? And is your church growing by leaps and bounds and helping millions of people give to millions of other people?

Charles Whatley more than 3 years ago