‘Methodist Middle’ Committed to Living Together



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Why it will continue to be "We are right, you are wrong"

Regardless of what anybody believes about sexuality, the problem is that everybody is coming at the sexuality question from completely different perspectives of who God is, who we are as Christians of the Methodist persuasion as well the purpose of the church. Because of these differences in perspectives on these important issues, sexuality has become the presenting issue of a much deeper problem for which there is no middle ground. It is unrealistic to expect that anybody is going to give way. The experiment in Big Tent Methodism is failing because we no longer have any sort of beliefs in common.

Betsy 365 days ago

Caustic Rhetoric

There is one thing we absolutely must do if we are to have even a chance of preventing a permanent schism: remove all caustic anti-glbt language from our church documents.

It is one thing to 'agree to disagree', but something quite else again to allow extremists on either side to place caustic rhetoric in our church documents. Let's live-and-let-live, and keep caustic unloving anti-glbt rhetoric out of our church documents.

Benjamin Uchytil more than 1 year ago


The 1972 anti-gay language, with the toxic construction of the offensive and ignorant characterization of "homosexual practice" must be removed if the UMC stays in its present form. This hastily conceived, vicious language is the source of the discord. The antigay faction has no rational or reasonable justification for the monumental effort they have undertaken to enshrine bigotry. Their circular arguments always amount only to "we're right, you're wrong, nyah nyah nyah." The live-and-let-live ideal seems wonderful, but realistically the satrapies of the extreme right-wing within the UMC seek dominance only, so, I am not optimistic at all. There is a significant intersection between the UMC antigay faction and the civic faction which believed our most recent former President had taken their country from them and they were disposed to take it back by whatever means necessary. This was seen in the prevarications of right-wing UMCers about The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) in their successful pogrom against this group.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago