Annual Conferences Mixed on Bishops' Unity Plan



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Did not happen

Contrary to this article, Michigan did not support the local option plan advanced by the Bishops. Unity in Diversity did pass, but before it passed, an attempt was made to substitute the Bishop's plan in place of Unity in Diversity. That attempt was rejected. In other words, in the only vote on the Bishop's plan, Michigan voted "no."

theenemyhatesclarity 63 days ago

One Church

This is a very tired plan. It's been rejected several times. Why do the COB think it will work this time? Please, let everyone just split in peace without malice or ill-will toward the "other".

Sarah 65 days ago

Here we go again

It seems history may repeat itself. The one church model was tried before: "By 1808, General Conference threw up its hands, finding the subject unmanageable, and gave each Annual Conference the right to enact its own rules relative to slaveholding." The matter did not go away and the 1844 General Conference found that either the New England or the southern conferences would leave if a church wide decision was made. The Methodist Episcopal Church South was founded the following year.

The invitation to leave the UMC is telling of what will probably happen. The Traditionalist plan will pass and those that do not like it asked for forced to leave. Ocean Grove, NJ, established 1869 as a Methodist camp meeting, will be starting the restoration of a century old fountain on Monday. It was recently decided to call this "the Fountain of Hope." By the time it is completed next year, another name might be more appropriate.

David 65 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "We Christians have serious repair work to do. We need, first, to hold ourselves to higher levels of accountability than that required by the law. 

    "Second, we must corporately and personally embody repentance, humility and prayerful commitment to victims as we come to terms with the damage done by the Church. 

    The Rev. L. Gregory Jones serves as dean of United Methodist-related Duke Divinity School. (Duke Divinity Photo)"Third, we must begin to work to rebuild trust. This will take a long time, as one of the great tragedies of any betrayal or breach is how much longer it takes to rebuild trust, if it is possible at all, than to destroy it. This will require courage, truthfulness and a willingness to change.

    "Fourth, those of us entrusted with educating and forming clergy need to change. We need to pay greater attention to issues of sexual abuse and institutional accountability in our coursework and scholarship; focus more on the character expected of those entrusted with clergy leadership; and identify how to minimize the risks of damage by complex organizations, its leaders and their exercise of power."

– The Rev. L. Gregory Jones, dean of United Methodist-related Duke Divinity School, in an op-ed "Rebuilding Trust in the Clergy," published in the News&


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