Bishops Uphold Four Values in Interim Report on Way Forward Work



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I heard this same kind of talk when I was in the Episcopal Church 15 years ago. There were phrases such as; there is more that unites us than divides us, our common core, embrace our diversity, and my favorite "we must live into the tension". It did not go well.

Kevin 8 days ago

Response to Benjamin

Just because I disagree with your views re LGBTQ persons, does not mean that I hate you or LGBTQ persons. It simply means that I disagree with your understanding of what God intended when he created the earth and everything in it. I fully respect and endorse you rights to have your specific set of beliefs.. But when you are not willing to respect my rights to my particular set of beliefs--when you choose to believe that I am acting our of hatred, then you and I and ultimately the church have a huge problem.

Betsy 10 days ago

Completely agree

Spot on!

Sarah 9 days ago

Enshrined Hatred

Although one sketch fully supports the continuing hatred of our GLBT community, not a single sketch provides fully inclusivity for said community. I am truly disgusted by the supposed 'options'.

A church that permits even one branch to enshrine hatred towards a group of innocents has lost its way.

What happened to the UMC? Where is the love? Whatever happened to "Open hearts. Open doors. Open minds."? When did we learn to hate? This is insanity.

I will not remain a member of the UMC if it allows even one conference or region to continue to enshrine hatred towards the GLBT community.

Benjamin Uchytil 11 days ago