Grocery Store Marketing Explains the WCA’s Plan of Dissolution for the #UMC



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Has anyone considered that dissolution may be best for the Gospel? In the current state of UMC the Gospel is not being proclaimed. Lifeway Research concluded that people stay in a given church/denomination because of theological agreement with that church. Could this be the case with the UMC? Lack of sound theology? Lack of sound doctrine derived from sound theology? Dissolution allows conservatives to return to orthodoxy while rejecting the "new scholarship" of cultural accommodation. Perhaps dissolution is best for the spread of the Gospel. Each group wins and can pursue the theology of choice and we can see who is more successful. Just a thought........

Jeff 130 days ago

Can annual conferences secede?

This seems like a relevant question to me that I don't see anywhere. Can a conference just leave? Is it technically yes, but practically no?

Chad 130 days ago

Simple Plan

Why do you believe the simple plan is more progressive than the One Church plan? It seems to do the same thing as the One Church Plan but with less votes. Both allow congregations and pastors to follow their beliefs. Our BOM and Clergy session get to vote on individuals instead of setting policy. Help me understand your viewpoint

Beverlee Bell 130 days ago

Those who believe we are better together

Have not been paying attention. Like so many other articles, this one shows what our "unity" will look like with the One Church Plan.

What does unity look like when we can’t agree on the goal of God’s work in human hearts or the nature and pursuit of holiness? How can we press on to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world when we can’t agree on the nature of disciples, how they are to live differently from the world around them, and what kind of transformation we are hoping to effect?

And the answer is, it looks like this article that reflects the full throttle frustration the author feels because he cannot make the church into what he believes it needs to be. That frustration is present on both sides of theological chasm that has the denomination in full blown schism. There are no saints in war.

betsy 130 days ago

WCA and marketing

Do you not think that the "Affirming Congregations" movement has had "marketing" behind it since its conception? We must be real and reasonable. The jury is still out on the "One Church Plan" even being possible to begin to work once the reality of just what a profound chasm there is within the UMC becomes apparent. If implemented, that plan will crumble our denomination apart gradually as members and congregations begin to realize that their "traditional, orthodox, Biblical faith has been compromised by others within their own denomination in an effort to "move forward". I'm staying with this church until I feel I just can not. It makes me very sad. I am in continual prayer that God's will be done. So are others on both sides of this issue. Some will be joyful at its outcome, some not so!

Renee Rada 126 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "The president’s policies violate every faith tradition and moral system alive in America. The Book of Matthew makes the Christian view on this very clear. Jesus says that if we don’t welcome the stranger, we will be condemned eternally. Rejecting the stranger is rejecting God. Islam teaches that those who accept refugees are true believers. Welcoming the stranger is a core principle of Judaism “because we were once strangers.” In fact, our federal and international asylum laws were created in the wake of America’s failures to act during the Holocaust.

    "As faith leaders, we call on Congress to reject Trump’s manipulative use of executive power. Time is of the essence for the asylum seekers at our border. The faithful answer for Congress is clear: Support vulnerable people, and do not give one cent of our taxpayer dollars to Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda."

– Wajahat Ali, North Carolina NAACP President; Rev. Dr. William Barber II; Sister Simone Campbell,NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Executive Director; and Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc CEO, represent the Muslim, mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish traditions, wriing in The Washington Post.


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