The One Church Plan Converts, Other Plans Want Compliance



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This argument doesn't seem to hold water to me

Loving people so that they decide to agree with you isn't what god was intending (IMO). In a lot of cases, loving others that you disagree with tends to make you decide to change your own heart. If changes in hearts was the goal, then progressives could have consistently loved as Jesus called us to in current organization.

But the election of a lesbian bishop is a clear declaration that progressives feel change is needed now. There is a significant minority that believes that people are being harmed today and that the harm needs to stop. The question then is what that looks like.

We need a greater separation than the One Church Plan offers. The Connectional Conference Plan is the plan that allows for a continuing connection, allowing us to work together on issues that we agree, but also recognizing that there is not a consensus on this (and likely several other issues). But it also insures that the hard fought battles over race and equal rights for women continue in the entire church. The Connection Conference Plan allows us to not try to manipulate others to our personal positions and allows for the space for leadership opportunities and full engagement in the church, regardless of the policy position you hold on this particular issue.

Chad 148 days ago


The One Church Plan is coercive. The Traditional Plan gives those who are unsatisfied a gracious option to leave, but the One Church Plan does not.

The Answer is in the Book 149 days ago

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