I Have Seen the End and It Isn’t Pretty



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Not going to be easy.

I don't envy anyone that has to sell these plans. The people that showed up donate. They contribute their time and energy. The NC Conference needs them. They have a solid argument in terms of Scripture, tradition, experience and reason.

The UMC isn't designed to be winner take all. It's designed to bind people together and come to a consensus. The consensus has been rejected. With the election of the lesbian bishop, there is no getting around the Western Jurisdiction telling the rest of the church to go jump in a lake. I think we need to respect that, however, and recognize that we need more space. The Connectional Plan as submitted was accepted by traditionalists as an alternative. I think it's really our only hope outside of just a really terrible fight.

All the factions get some assets to build a ministry around their goals. All factions give up the ability to try to move the other factions in their direction. There will no doubt be losers in this plan, but that is inevitable at this point. We need to respect everyone's opinion and recognize that those opinions aren't changing anytime soon. Our goal should be to maintain some type of connection with as many people as possible.

Chad 24 days ago

Be of Hope and Good Cheer; The Beatles broke up and we survived...

Hey, a pleasant read. So much on this subject is so morose, but you report an unpleasant meeting in an amusing way ( " If he said sodomite once he said it three more times. To be honest, the meeting went downhill from there." - You sir, are a master of the understatement and I laughed again as I wrote this...)
You nailed it, however. Neither side will EVER be happy. Neither side will ever change their mind. Neither side can ever cross the abyss between us. God's Heavenly love lasts forever, but things of this planet do not. Not the Beatles, not the USSR, not Lucy and Desi, Sonny and Cher, Abbott and Costello.. life goes on and sometimes even gets better. Some marriage divorces are indeed Blessings - especially if it saves eventual violence. So, let's just smile, shake hands, sing "Thanks for the memories", divide it fairly without feeding too many lawyers and call it a day.

Reese 28 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    Bishop Kenneth L. Carder "Those who use hate-filled tactics to 'defend truth'" whether in politics or religion, betray the essence of truth. Truth and love are conjoined twins giving life to one another. They are heart and brain working in concert; severing them means death to both."

– Retired United Methodist Bishop Kenneth Carder on Facebook.


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