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Sounds good!

Except when I get to this sentence: "Our pastors and churches can get back to the work they were called to do." And then the realization hits me that we are not in agreement of what the work is we are called to do. The Discipline states that it is "To make disciples...". My cruising the internet listening to every voice I could find from within the United Methodist Church showed me that there is no agreement as to who are what a disciple is--everybody has their own understanding. And I can accept that that is all well and good until I realize that everything the church does should reflect what it believes about God and His creation--and there is no agreement on that either. In fact, to listen to the myriad of conflicting voices that are the United Methodist Church portrays God as being indecisive and unsure; those are not two words I cannot use to describe God.

betsy 81 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "The president’s policies violate every faith tradition and moral system alive in America. The Book of Matthew makes the Christian view on this very clear. Jesus says that if we don’t welcome the stranger, we will be condemned eternally. Rejecting the stranger is rejecting God. Islam teaches that those who accept refugees are true believers. Welcoming the stranger is a core principle of Judaism “because we were once strangers.” In fact, our federal and international asylum laws were created in the wake of America’s failures to act during the Holocaust.

    "As faith leaders, we call on Congress to reject Trump’s manipulative use of executive power. Time is of the essence for the asylum seekers at our border. The faithful answer for Congress is clear: Support vulnerable people, and do not give one cent of our taxpayer dollars to Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda."

– Wajahat Ali, North Carolina NAACP President; Rev. Dr. William Barber II; Sister Simone Campbell,NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Executive Director; and Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc CEO, represent the Muslim, mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish traditions, wriing in The Washington Post.


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