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Most Pew Sitters Don't Care

I have grown weary of the fight. I don't see an issue with the church simply doing nothing and letting the denomination chips fall where they may. Worst case scenario is both the extremists on the left and right will pick up their bibles and go home....Not a bad solution. Sad but not a bad solution. Both sides need to consider regardless of the results going their own way leaving just regular pew sitters like me alone. I don't care and my actions and opinions regarding the issues won't be swayed or changed by GC or the interest groups involved. I have a right to not be a pawn over issues that have little to zero impact on the daily administration of the church. If conservatives think that gay weddings and blessings will stop with their plan they are absolutely naive on the issue. They will continue and they will waste Church resources with their inquisitions. If the progressives think they can change enshrined "convictions" of the extreme right they are also naive. Conservatives have already left the Body through the WCA. Let them have their communities and lets focus on winning people who are not "good Christians" for Christ.

In the end nothing will change and that to me is OK. The bible is chock full of stuff that is "Legal" but that now we see as crazy such as laws of war, community standards, food standards, and women's rights. On the other hand to not have some standard of basic Christian conduct fails to create a community bound by a common reason, tradition, experience, and understanding of the word. But to have THESE discussions apparently is too difficult for both sides and it shows that neither side is mature in their faith or capable of or deserving leadership at this point.

Instead, we are fighting over issues that in no way brings people to Christ or expands the general church. This seems to be the way of Methodists over the years. We love to fight and break apart. But that is contradictory to how Jesus wanted us to be. We need to err if we are to err on the side of what brings the most people to Christ and not what purifies the Church. We are pure through Christ's sacrifice and we don't need little Jesus' running around trying to be the next messiah. God doesn't see us through our pastor, or local congregation, denomination, country, political leanings but through Christ Jesus. We need people running around showing love through action, word, and hospitality to others. We have made the law of love hard and this is crazy. If we just loved each other and supported each other in community maybe we would grow again. Maybe less focus on stupid plans that most of us will ignore anyways and more focus on loving people.

Eric Pone 30 days ago

Good thinking

Thank you for your honesty. Though I am on the traditionalist side I agree with your suggestion that progressives get together for a plan after the outcome of GC2019. It is better than just complaining and causing the opposition. Blessings!!

Eriberto Soto 30 days ago

What you have missed

Since its inception in the fall of 2016, the Wesleyan Covenant Association has consistently drawn a single line in the sand: either the church reclaims its theological heritage rooted in classical Christianity or it is done. And a local option plan is not an acceptable compromise. That line was clearly drawn before the Way Forward Commission ever had their first meeting! This is no last minute threat. For two years they have been simultaneously working on two different plans: Plan A is General Conference stays the course on sexuality, the WCA stays. Plan B is General Conference changes its stance on sexuality or a local option type plan is enacted, the WCA is gone.

betsy 30 days ago

The UMC would be better off in the long run

if the WCA would just quit whenever they can. The danger is of course for children in those churches addicted to right-wing ideology. But eventually they will be all right, because most young people want nothing to do with a church mired in hatefulness and oppression.

George Nixon Shuler 20 days ago

Line in the sand

This is why the Traditionalist plan has a provision for churches to exit. By all means start organizing in case you have to go to your back up plan.

Kevin 30 days ago

New Progressive Methodist Denomination

I would consider joining a new progressive Methodist denomination. Adam Hamilton should be planning to organize one if One Church doesn't pass.

Mike Tupper 31 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "The president’s policies violate every faith tradition and moral system alive in America. The Book of Matthew makes the Christian view on this very clear. Jesus says that if we don’t welcome the stranger, we will be condemned eternally. Rejecting the stranger is rejecting God. ...

    "As faith leaders, we call on Congress to reject Trump’s manipulative use of executive power. Time is of the essence for the asylum seekers at our border. The faithful answer for Congress is clear: Support vulnerable people, and do not give one cent of our taxpayer dollars to Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda."

– Wajahat Ali, North Carolina NAACP President; Rev. Dr. William Barber II; Sister Simone Campbell,NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Executive Director; and Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc CEO, represent the Muslim, mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish traditions, wriing in The Washington Post.


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