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Look at the example of the Worldwide Anglican Communion

Your article is very informative, although, as you say, entirely speculative at this point. It sounds like you predict some type of worldwide Methodist Communion emerging, much like the worldwide Anglican Communion but with an analog of the Archbishop of Canterbury and more than one "official" group within a given country or geographic area. I just ran across what I consider a very important article for Methodists. It is by retired Sydney Australia archbishop Peter Jensen and addresses the currently, very fashionable "Adam Hamilton" option, which some are terming the via media option. The article is called "The Mythical Middle" and can be found here -

My personal opinion is that while the hypothetical organizational structure laid out has many merits, in the end it will be very difficult to resolve the issues surrounding it due to personal ego of church "theocrats" and the all important issue of who gets what, also know as "follow the money."

Dan more than 1 year ago

My plan from the pew

Live out the reality that almost 100 years ago Bishops decided that "doing" was more important than "believing" because hashing out what we believe would be "too divisive". Let everybody do what they are already doing. and see who survives and who does not. Acknowledge that what is decided at General Conference has little or no impact on the local church so pare its function down to the bare minimum. I say this because I am extremely certain that any attempt to "loosen the connection" is going to decimate local churches and send annual conferences into chaos because at the local level things are not as cut and dried as the maps suggest and local churches are ill prepared if not totally clueless what is about to descend on them in the form of a "loosened connection".

Betsy more than 1 year ago

My prediction

Any attempt to 'loosen the connection' is going to turn into a glorified local option that pushes the decision onto local churches that are already in trouble and things will get very messy.

Betsy more than 1 year ago

That sounds good

Let's hope so. In practice, there's seldom dialogue of any substance. Local churches need to decide where they stand. Of course it's messy! So's life! There's no such thing as a conflict-free environment where humans are concerned. Some paint a picture of a hebbin in which things're thus, but that's impossible if there will be people there.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

It's already messy

No matter what happens it will be messy and painful. I have 3 uncles who were UMC pastors. All retired a few years ago. They all saw what direction the church was taking and wanted no part in it.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

This makes sense

Thank you. The maps definitely helped.

Sarah more than 1 year ago

Notable Quotes   

     "Fundamentalist Christians have moved the theological needle so far to the right that the Gospel is said by them to be a 'progressive agenda.' It's not – it's the Gospel. We must keep preaching Jesus' message of the Kingdom of God (over against the kingdoms of this world) rooted in love (not legalism) and aimed toward reconciliation (not division). The Pharisees alleged Jesus' message was a 'liberal agenda.' It wasn't – it was the Gospel."

– The Rev. Dr. Steve Harper in a Facebook post.


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