Uniting Methodists Pray, Strategize

#RoomforAll Becomes Motto for 'One Church' Campaign



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A Methodist Tale

I was on the administrative board and chair of pastor-parish relations at my UMC parish. While talking with a new member I asked her why she was drawn to the UMC. She replied "I really like the open doors, open hearts, open minds slogan, I can believe whatever I want to and it's OK." Draw your own conclusions about this, but I would bet it's far from an isolated instance.

Daniel 144 days ago

Response to Bishop Palmer

Bishop Palmer claims that questions of human sexuality and gender identity aren't a church dividing issue. Is he really that blind to what is going on in the church or is it just spin. Does he think traditionalists in the UMC are just bluffing about leaving? Every denomination that has gone this route has lost massive numbers of members, far in excess of UMC membership losses, due to the exit of huge numbers of traditionalists. The same will happen if this plan passes. No we will not abandon our convictions and join the broad middle or the far left "Uniting Methodists" who masquerades as centrists. There is no center, either you accept the scriptures as written or you don't. End of story. I actually agree with the progressives who say it is a bad plan. It will only create more division and anger, along with massive amounts of money spent on lawsuits. This plan has cost the Episcopal church 50 million dollars trying to enforce their trust clause. How many homeless people could they have housed and fed with that money? How many villages in the third world could now have clean wells with that money? Both sides need to wake up, come up with a fair plan of separation, and go their separate ways doing what they perceive as the Lord's work. As to who is right and who is wrong, let God decide.

Scott 144 days ago

Another group not happy w One Church

Those of us working and praying for a Wesleyan revival within the UMC. One Church will officially make the church one that does not believe anything in particular, operating off of what the next person thinks about who and what the church should be.

betsy 150 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "The president’s policies violate every faith tradition and moral system alive in America. The Book of Matthew makes the Christian view on this very clear. Jesus says that if we don’t welcome the stranger, we will be condemned eternally. Rejecting the stranger is rejecting God. ...

    "As faith leaders, we call on Congress to reject Trump’s manipulative use of executive power. Time is of the essence for the asylum seekers at our border. The faithful answer for Congress is clear: Support vulnerable people, and do not give one cent of our taxpayer dollars to Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda."

– Wajahat Ali, North Carolina NAACP President; Rev. Dr. William Barber II; Sister Simone Campbell,NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Executive Director; and Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc CEO, represent the Muslim, mainline Protestant, Catholic and Jewish traditions, wriing in The Washington Post.


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