Uniting Methodists Urges Unity Resolutions at Annual Conferences



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Bible commands Church to judge

In I Cor 1, Paul starts out by admonishing the Church to be in unity. Then, later in Chapter 5, he also admonishes the Church that a "little leaven levavens the whole lump". And then to judge such a person "in the name or our Lord Jesus Christ". So, it is clear that unity is not unity at all costs. There are legitimate, and even commanded, reasons to put people out from our fellowship.

And since homosexuality acts are so clearly taught as sinful in many passage of God's Word, the UMC would be sinning if it refuses God's command to judge within the Church. Unity with wickedness means schism against God.

Joe Dunfee 192 days ago

structural unity or spiritual unity?

Are we so concerned with the structural unity of the UMC that we will gloss over the very real differences of theology, doctrine, and our understanding of the Bible? The very foundations of our spirituality? Shall we try to sweep those issues under the rug for another 40 years? Look where it's gotten us! Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

J. David Trawick 197 days ago


The so-called "big tent" is why we're in this situation.

Sarah 198 days ago

Annual Conference Resolution

Uniting Methodist have proven that they are just another left wing progressive group. Wolves in sheeps clothing using nice sounding words to scratch the "itchy ears" of those who are looking for an easy way out.

Scott 198 days ago

“Gay marriage”

Welcoming everyone & ministering to everyone does not translate to encouraging and validating all behavior. For instance, Would we encourage adultery? Those advocating accommodation are bending to immoral western culture.

Casey 198 days ago

Unity Resolution

I could support a Unity Resolution that endorses the truth and authority of the Bible. Without that, unity in any "church" is of no value.

Parker Wayland 198 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    Bishop Kenneth L. Carder "Those who use hate-filled tactics to 'defend truth'" whether in politics or religion, betray the essence of truth. Truth and love are conjoined twins giving life to one another. They are heart and brain working in concert; severing them means death to both."

– Retired United Methodist Bishop Kenneth Carder on Facebook.


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