Unity as Friends or Family?



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Over half of marriages end in DIVORCE.

Over half of the marriages now end in divorce, so your metaphor is perfect: When one side of a marriage, friendship, relationship breaks their commitment to that union by not honoring the covenants of that union, the unchanged side has a decision to make: stay in where previously followed rules and norms no longer apply, or leave. If the contract is ignored by one side, the other side can adjust and amend, putting their own values aside,or void that contract. Happens all the time. It is happening regularly now in the UMC "family" and so there is an increasing number of members, and even whole churches, filing for divorce, taking their Faith and their pledges with them in search of more "traditional" marriage.

Reese more than 1 year ago

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   "God gave us a brain to use and we should not park it at the door when we enter the church. We also look to the traditions of the church to guide us, as well as our experiences collectively and individually as we engage with all of God’s creation. We, of course, are guided by scripture, but not from a highly literalist read of scripture that excludes these other ways of noticing God. An interpretation that focuses on a few passages, but completely ignores other passages does not help us see the fullness of God’s love."

– The Rev. Jack Amick, "Why the Traditional Plan Doesn't Convey Grace."

"We need to be gentle with ourselves and give ourselves permission to grieve continued injustice and denominational harm. Lent is maybe the best time of the liturgical year to pause and sit with whatever we are feeling or not feeling right now, especially before we make big decisions. It brings to mind what the disciples might have gone through in those days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when maybe they could affirm there would be more to the story but did not yet know what new life was going to come forth."

T. C. Morrow in a sermon, "Stay the Course," on Sunday, March 17 at Foundry UMC, Washington, D.C., posted on Facebook.


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