Which Holy Spirit Will Show Up at the 'Way Forward' Commission



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In their rush to elevate LGBTQ+

Progressives treat those who disagree with them with arrogance and disdain. My personal experience with the church that spans 6 decades agrees with this assessment of one of the ways the church is off track:

"Our religious institutions are proving themselves impotent against the onslaught. It’s another conversation, and I know I must bring this to a close today, but one of the reasons for the failure of our local churches is this: We have allowed our local churches to become institutions characterized by collective responsibility for charitable activity at the expense of growing people characterized by real compassion, which comes from the particular brand of personal responsibility native only to the love of God. In other words, the church has bought into the myth of scalability. The problem is love does not scale…

"Finally, we must remember that love does not scale. It cannot be delegated. Institutions cannot love. Only people can love. And love will only grow large as it grows small in the everyday ordinary interrelationships between people in the Body of Christ. Our love for the world beyond the Body of Christ will never exceed our love for one another within the Body of Christ".—J. D. Walt, “All We Need is (Hot White) Holy Love”, Daily Text, October 11, 2016, seedbed.com

If early Methodism changed the world it is because John Wesley created space that enabled God to change individuals into the truly human persons God intended them to be when he created the earth and everything in it and called it good. Problem is, humanity decided to take control of the situation! Progressives are not only talking a strain of Christianity I do not agree with, in their actions, they are living out a type of Christianity I do not want any part of!

Betsy more than 1 year ago

John Wesley did not set out to reform anything

But his own life. John Wesley is proof positive of what C. S. Lewis stated: When a Christian aims their life at heaven, the world is thrown in. Wesley never approached anybody with a social justice initiative, he begged individuals to "flee from the wrath to come." Until his dying day, hIs Priority #1 never ever waivered from the individual and their relationship with God. Progressives are too intent on changing the world.

Betsy more than 1 year ago