Bishops Warn Talbert Not to Officiate at Same-Gender Wedding

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response to "Bishops warn Talbot"

The article suggests that Bishop Svenson has changed her position and Bishop Brown is opposing the theological discernment of the conference he serves. Neither is the case. There are multiple issues at stake. One is the marriage of same sex couples. Another is episcopal authority. By signing the letter to Bishop Talbot, Bishops Swenson and Brown allow the quesitoning of our Book od Discpline to follow due course. When Bishop Joshua Soule went south before the civil war, it was because he, who had crafted the Methodist Episcopal Church's constitution, was a staunch advocate of episcopal authority. That authority is under challenge again, for better or worse, within in the council, in responses to the proposal for a "set aside bishop" and restruscturing proposal at GC 2012, and in general realligning of the role of elders in a rapidly shifting cultural environment.

Karen L Munson more than 1 year ago

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