Consecration of Gay Bishop Deemed Against Church Law

Bishop Remains 'In Good Standing' Until Legal Process



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Corinthians 13:13

The highest example of Christ is love. Marriage is about love. So sad to hear this decision

Jason Galvez 227 days ago

Against church law

Yet she is still there as bishop and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Any administrative action taken by the Western Jurisdiction which overwhelmingly elected her is likely to be a testimonial dinner where she is applauded for her ground breaking courage. Then what?

Kevin 227 days ago

And that's Church law as well

The PNW, according to the Discipline, is the authority in the investigation and trial. The Discupline does not s a penalty. Perhaps they will find her innocent. Perhaps they will find that there was a violation but issue a very loving and affirming response. That would be allowed under the Discipline. And we should support their Decision. We can't invoke the Discipline only to fight our LGBTQI brothers and sisters in Christ, but dismiss it if the PNW doesn't rule to our liking. I hope the PNW will, if the proper authorities determine a penalty is needed, will discipline Bishop Oliveto by giving her hugs and flowers and a very kind letter for her file.

Merrill Hawkins 227 days ago

A Brief Arguing for the complaintant to pay...

....Oliveto's attoneys' fees would also be a nice touch.

George Nixon Shuler 227 days ago

But they let her keep her Bishopric

Another punt. As expected.

George Nixon shuler 230 days ago