Proposed Amendment Adds 'Gender', 'Age', 'Ability', and 'Marital Status' into United Methodist Constitution



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Article IV

So does this amendment mean that a cross dressing transgender in a same sex polygamous marriage will be eligible for ordination? Sure looks like a way around our current policy.
And does this remove the authority of the local pastor to assess the readiness of someone to become a member?
Looks like a "No" vote needs to be cast on this proposal.

Kevin 293 days ago

Paragraph 4

Hi Kevin. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. This amendment is about men and women, single and married, young and old, and disabled having the same access to church membership. The Book of Discipline uses the word gender 70 x to refer to male and female. The Book of Resolutions uses gender the same way in over 130 instances. Also, the amendment is not about ordination. The local pastor is free to assess the readiness of anyone to be a member. However the pastor may not deny a person membership based on whether they are male or female, married or single, young or old, or a person with disability.
We recognize that currently our denomination is very sensitized to issues concerned with homosexuality, polygamy, and transgender. This legislation is not about any of those things. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

Leigh Goodrich 291 days ago

Paragraph 4

Do we really have a problem with discrimination now? Please cite recent examples. I try to keep up with what is going on within The UMC and have heard of no instances where someone is denied full membership in some discriminatory way. This looks like a solution in search of a problem to solve. Totally unnecessary.
If someone is in a same sex marriage then that relationship would be incompatible with scripture and it would be appropriate to deny that person membership or positions of governance within the church. So yes, this amendment is about those things. You do not have me convinced.
I thank you for the response. That was considerate of you.

Kevin 290 days ago