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People are leaving religion

One broad subject omitted in the article is people become non religious. The Pew Survey which regularly monitors religious opinion found that between 2012 and 2017, the number of respondents claiming to be both religious and spiritual fell from 59% to 48% of the US population. Those that claim to be neither religious or spiritual in the same period rose 16% to 18%. It is difficult to get people to be truthful in religious surveys. It has been shown they often claim a church attendance of twice what it actually is. There is also the great prejudice over being an atheist or agnostic which tempers responses.

I would agree that group singing is out of fashion. People used to follow the bouncing ball in movie theaters. There is a priceless film of the King of England joining sailors in a gesture song in WWII. Obviously those days are over, but it is sad to see a major Protestant tradition fade away.

Liturgical dress may now be deemed odd in this dress down era. Methodist clergy did not adopt it until the 1940s and 1950s. The ubiquitous brass crosses and candles in Methodist churches can rarely be found in images prior to the 1930s. Obviously, there was a desire to appear more "high church" as other denominations down the street. In the same period, Methodists went from pulpit centered meeting houses to altar centered churches in their new construction.

A final thought is that many denominations are becoming more conservative as disaffected progressives leave. Nearly 2/3 of the US population now approves of same sex marriage. Abortion is also widely accepted. The shift can be seen in the Southern Baptists that approved resolutions supporting abortion rights both before and after Roe v. Wade. Then the conservatives took over the denomination and these were hastily revoked. The increasing identification of denominations with political parties is a turnoff to many.

David 238 days ago


Glad to hear you are able to send and receive email; hope you're above water! Niece and family lost home/house in Wilmington.

John Taylor 236 days ago


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