An Open Letter to the United Methodist Church

In Response to Bishop Minerva Carcano’s Decision to Strip GLIDE’s Congregation of a Pastoral Team



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Open Letter to UMC by Emily Cohen

Ms Cohen's open letter to Bishop Carcano illustrates the problem and the possibilities. Nothing in the letter made reference to Jesus, just as the GLIDE website has not mentioned Jesus for years, anywhere. An approach to the all-inclusive and the 'Divine' more aligned with Bhakti Hinduism prevails in Glide celebrations. Even 'worship' does not fit the image. No Jesus as Savior or Lord or Son of God in any distinctly Christian sense is on the menu, for from such truth flows the reason Christians make the eucharist central to worship, or baptize in the name of the Triune God. That said, there is possibility. Glide has been led to believe that to take Jesus seriously in any 'traditional' Christian sense will devalue work for the poor, the marginalized and the oppressed. St. Anthony's, located near Glide, serves as many meals and provides crucial help for the poor, as does Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army...and all have Jesus front and center. If Glide can come to see that the practice of caring for the poor is NOT "incompatible with Christian teaching" in general or belief in Jesus as Lord in particular, win-win is created. And at some point I do hope Karen Oliveto speaks to the spiritual situation she left at Glide that her good friend and supporter Minerva Carcano now confronts at great personal attack.

Bob 315 days ago


I do not understand why the people of Glide want to carry the mantle of a United Methodist Church when they clearly do not want to share the beliefs or act like one. They are a social justice organization not a Christian church and should be chartered as such. Accept what you are and embrace it.

Scott 316 days ago


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