Fresh Expressions: A Movement Begins



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Too little, too always

Yet another study and report to try to make excuses for why people are leaving the church. Read the Discipline ,and you'll understand why. Attend a Methodist Church in Florida where the Minister removes statements of welcome and inclusion, watch a video of sermon in which a Methodist Minister spend an entire sermon renouncing the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, and spends the entire sermon using the hateful words, "same sex attraction."

Watch supposed Christians attack immigrants and people of other faiths with hateful words, and in some cases, violence. Watch politicians, paying fealty to "Christians" shred the social safety net, while those same so-called Christians cheer them on.

Watch as the leaders of our own denomination sit quietly on the side lines commissioning one study after another, holding closed door, carefully scripted panel sessions, and issuing statements that go so far to avoid calling out this bad behavior that they have no meaning whatsoever.

Once you've done that, earnestly, you'll have your answer...once you fix those things, and act boldly, people will return to the church.

John Masters more than 2 years ago