'Missio Dei' Proves Challenging Colloquy Topic

What's God's Mission for The United Methodist Church?



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Missio dei

Why was Asbury included? They are not Methodist. They are trying to takeover the UMC.

Marilyn Davis 331 days ago

Not Methodist?

Please explain how Asbury is "not Methodist." There are many who would say that it's the "most Methodist" of all University Senate-approved seminaries.

John 326 days ago

Not Officially Related

Asbury Theological Seminary is not one of the 13 seminaries officially related to The United Methodist Church and subject to the supervision of the University Senate. Asbury is "approved" for United Methodist study, but describes itself as a "multi-denominational." institution.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) 325 days ago

But thoroughly Methodist

Cynthia, you're fully aware that "Methodist" is a far broader term than "United Methodist." The World Methodist Council encompasses over 75 different denominations from around the world, all of which are thoroughly "Methodist" in theology if not fully so in polity. Using "Methodist" as a synonym fully interchangeable with "United Methodist" implies that other Wesleyan groups are somehow not "Methodist"--and ignores our own heritage through the EUB. Asbury has never been an "official" UM seminary, but provides theological training for more UM pastors than any of the 13 "official" seminaries. And many of our "official" seminaries produce a pitifully small number of UM pastors from their graduating classes, demonstrating a functional multi-denominationalism in their own orientation. Asbury, at least, still emphasizes Entire Sanctification (or Christian Perfection)--the "grand depositum" of Methodism, for which Wesley was certain God had raised up "the people called Methodist." You'll find little of it taught at Claremont, Iliff, or BU, except as an historical footnote. BTW, I am not a former EUB, nor do I have any stake in Asbury. I merely have an affinity for a church that both proclaims and lives out scriptural holiness as well as a desire not to conflate a movement of some 80 million persons with a single denomination.

John 325 days ago

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