Western Christians Are All Heretics!



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It is not about trying to describe God

It is about dong what John Wesley did that brought Methodism into existence in the first place: Helping individuals understand who God is and who they are in relation. It is about helping individuals realize that God really does love them more than they could ever think about loving themselves! It is about helping individuals into the wide open space of God's amazing grace. Unfortunately, I did not encounter such teaching and understanding until shortly before my 60th birthday after I was forced to distance myself from all things church because it had left me more broken, confused and lost than when I first walked in the door in my late 20's thinking that I was finally going to "get Christianity". I started with John Wesley, wandered over into the Heidelberg Catechism and three very modern books about it, then in a search for a modern of understanding of Wesley landed in the Daily Text at seedbed.com. I have also found the answer to my question as to why I was never taught these things before: The American UMC is a blooming theological mishmash and is incapable of teaching anything particular about God or us!

Betsy 311 days ago

I Embrace My Heresy

You've never lived until you've been spat upon by a Russian Orthodox Priest. After living and working for two years as a missionary in Russia, I came to realize very quickly: now matter how many icons I collected, how many books I'd read from St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, or how in tuned to Orthodox spirituality I thought I was, I was a heretic bound for Hell. They had no problems letting me know! Luckily, I'll be well prepared for hell and heresy for all the advanced placement courses I took as a United Methodist pastor! Great piece Jason!

Richard Bryant 312 days ago