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Defining others out

A +1 Conference with limited voting rights suggests the are intended to be a perpetual minority that will have limited voting rights and interaction to conference with the Big 5. A "center" allied with a "right" to define who a "left" is seems contrary to good process of identity development. How such helps, long-term, seems extremely problematic. This is parent to child stuff rather than partners in mission.

Wesley White more than 3 years ago


Chris Ritter is not associated with the UM Centrist Movement in any way. This is a separate movement and I understand that they quite strongly opposed to the plan being described in this post. Thanks again for re-posting and for UM Insight's continued interest in the future of our denomination.

Christopher Ritter more than 3 years ago

Our apologies

Our information got confused with some other links forwarded regarding a number of different plans. We have corrected the error. It's getting harder to tell the proposals apart. We'd be start keeping a better scorecard!

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 3 years ago


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