Can a (Different) Book Help the Church Stay Together?



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Seriously, now. There can be no unity in the UMC at this point regarding LGBT issues.

Traditional conservative UMC members actively denigrate and marginalize LGBT members; they have institutionalized their hatred of the LGBT members in the Book of Discipline. The traditional conservatives refuse to give up their bullying behaviors, while the progressive LGBT population (and their supporters) refuse to accept said bullying. Hence, their can be no unity.

Give it up. The UMC is splitting. Sad but true.

Might as well pull the bandaid off as quickly as possible. There will be pain, but let's get it over with quickly.

Ben 314 days ago

Excuse me. If THE book can't settle the issue, what can a your book do?

And, how many of the millions of Methodists will ever see it? What a waste of time. Listen, the non-negotiable differences cannot be solved by a psychologist approach. We are at mutually-exclusive odds over an issue that goes back thousands of years, through many, if not most, cultures. People in this day are even killed over this issue by some cultures. To even suggest that one little book could solve the wide and deep cultural divide trivializes the issue.
Keep in mind that, while there are certainly religious considerations, even larger for some of us is the impact of our society of this issue. I will let Him be the final judge on the religious side (after all, there is a very wide difference of opinion among our highly respected clergy and even the bishops on this matter, so no wonder we lowly pewsters are confused). On our culture's side, I believe our religious institutions are the cornerstones, the foundations of our society and culture. I guard those. I accept no change to those foundations. To go where "progressives" want to go will further erode those foundations and we move closer to crumbling into moral chaos.
And you suggest a little book? By the way, it has been over 40 years since I was on a college campus. I do not remember much worthwhile wisdom there...

Reese 316 days ago

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