Cultural Captivity in the American UMC - Part 2



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On inability to reach new groups

While the article is right on, it omits some of the underlying theological reasons for the middle-class white captivity of American United Methodism. AChristian group becomes more diverse not by sociological analysis and by rants about racism and anti-immigration bias, but by a burden that all persons need to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. United Methodism has, how many ethnic caucuses? Many, and yet we are less diverse than any other time in our 230 history. The caucuses are really part of the problem. They seek power by representation within the structure. Meanwhile the Church of the Nazarene, a Wesleyan group, with no ethnic caucuses, seeks to win all persons to Jesus Christ. The Assemblies of God, another Wesleyan grandchild, is perhaps one of the most racially diverse Protestant groups in America (perhaps in the world). As are the Pentecostals. Today UMs need to credential every thing that moves. Early Methodists were converted one week and were preaching the next. We might be better off if we did away with the seminaries and followed the Holy Spirit.

Riley B Case more than 1 year ago