The Church Is the Church When It Champions the Poor

Norma Dollaga: Write-back on 'Wonder, Love and Praise'



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Oh how far some have drifted....

from a truly Wesleyan perspective of what the church is. It is no wonder that the church is in such disarray because the church has degenerated into competing and contradictory factions jockeying for position and control.

Here is what John Wesley once wrote about the church. I have made it gender inclusive because Wesley had no problem with women holding positions of leadership:

“This is the original design of the Church of Christ. It is a body of men and women compacted together, in order,
first, to save each their own soul;
then to assist each other in working out their salvation; and
afterwards, as far as in them lies, to save all men and women from present and future misery, to overturn the kingdom of Satan, and set up the kingdom of Christ.
And this ought to be the continued care and endeavor of every member of his Church; otherwise he is not worthy to be called a member therof, as he is not a living member of Christ.” --“Wesley on the church”, posted on John Meunier’s Arrow though the Air Blog, April 24, 2012

I do not claim to be a Wesleyan scholar, but I have read enough of his writings to know that he never once launched a social justice initiative on behalf of the poor. Rather, he took them a message about how much God loves them regardless of their economic status. In fact, under his supervision the economic status of the formerly poor Methodists improved so that within his lifetime they became complacent in their faith. That is what caused him to fear that Methodism would not cease to exist but would lose its power to transform lives.

Betsy more than 1 year ago