Resolutions Don't Erase White Supremacy



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It's probably normal for United Methodists to have some schadenfreude [the pleasure at another's pain or struggle] about the Southern Baptists as we have a sort of friendly rivalry not unlike Alabama and Auburn, Texas and Texas A&M, or the Yankees and the Red Sox. We tend to lampoon their emotionalistic preaching style while they deride us as "high church," however incorrectly that is. So, yes, this is interesting, and we can learn from it.

Both bodies are probably full of people who voted for Trump and consider themselves not racist, but who indulge in subtle racism like deriding the purchases of obese African-American shoppers at the supermarket, who pay with an EBT card. We fall back into legalism when it comes to favoring deporting the undocumented. And since we're currently preoccupied with oppressing LGBTs, we find ready allies in African churchmen who are heterosexist but excuse polygamy and daughter-selling among their flocks.

I'm ready to fast forward to 50 years from now when we'll be apologizing to those we oppress now.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

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