Council of Bishops Affirms Focus on Mission



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disciplined focus

dirk more than 2 years ago

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"What Christians against same-sex relationships are trying to do is divorce the LGBT experience from their theology. That simply will not work and it’s unbiblical. The word of God was made flesh for this very reason. Jesus informs our legalistic views of theology. He told us to include Gentiles in the church and to include all at the table. He dined with tax collectors and befriended prostitutes. The relationships Jesus formed with sinners are a model for us. We're not just talking about theology: we are talking about people. We're talking about me. We’re talking about families and friends. We shouldn’t be treated like we’re nothing, like theoretical subjects. We are in your lives. We matter."
– Religion News Service columnist Eliel Cruz, "How Traditional Biblical Views Can Cut Off Love, Enlightenment, Even Life."

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