Karen Oliveto’s Election as Bishop Was a Movement of the Holy Spirit



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Movement of the Holy spirit

I fully respect that she believes it came from the Holy Spirit (and not the other side), but did the Holy Spirit actually say 'go and do this to the UMC and their discipline ' ? there are millions of church societies who has not taken or has taken a stand for openly, active, self proclaimed (did i cover all ?) LGBTQI as clergy - but not UMC. Was the job/position and benefits better for you ? was 'humans' within UMC better than others for your preaching ministry ? (you intend to remain a 'messenger' right ?) Is the rest of Book of Discipline okey for you ? will you now renew your vows with the necessary amendments that you require ?
Let me hear your comment or anybody else who knows how Karen Oliveto intends to use this new guidance .

David C more than 1 year ago

Not the right questions

"In the end, the questions came down to: Do we want her as *our* bishop? Leading *our* churches? Appointing *our* pastors?" If these were the questions being asked, then the answers you found were your own answers and were not from the Holy Spirit. Each of these questions presumes that this is *our* church. It is not. It never has been, and it never will be. It is *Christ's* church, and Christ's alone. The only legitimate question is what *God* wants. What *we* want is totally irrelevant and often puts us at enmity with God, as the fourth chapter of James makes clear.

John more than 1 year ago