“It Is The Truth That Is At Stake”



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"Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive..." You forgot the Ford mis-fires, Rev.!

Did you miss Dr. Ford's testimony? She could "not remember" the date it happened, not even the year, where it happened, how she got there or how she got home. She could not remember the last name of one of her four witnesses. Yes, victims can forget things, but that many things? But, her four witnesses also forgot things - everything - as not one could remember the party or seeing Kavenaugh in a party venue with Ford. Wow! That is really some mental block when even the witnesses can't remember anything! Of course, there was, in truth, nothing to remember. Whatever is the breakdown in Ford, it is pitiful, but for people who are not dealing with personal pain and confusion, it is shameful for her to be so used. For liberals to use her to attack Kavenaugh is typical of the duplicity of people who had no righteous indignation over Clinton's accusers, but have now found a moral high ground over a fib with not one supporting fact or witness.
I want to thank you. My side will do much better in the off-year election than we could have without you. And, you further prove the correctness to split the UMC and to take my pledge and person out of the UMC . And, for a good giggle. Liberals and their shenanigans are amusing.

Reese 5 days ago


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