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But we are different from other religions

"If the only claim of Christianity is that we have the only real savior, then we’re no different than any other religion." We believe that Jesus is the only real savior because the triune God is the only God that is the one true God who rules over every other god. This is the Christianity that initially changed the world. Like Carolyn states in her article, we are in trouble with our Christology long before we ever get to sexuality.

betsy more than 1 year ago

I disagree with Carolyn Moore’s premise to a higher conversation and

Rev. Guyton’s response. The only way to look at the problem(s) facing the UMC is biblically. Let us simply use the KISS conversation, Keep It Simple Stupid. To delve into the many pieces put forth by these two authors is to obfuscate a simple issue, what does the Bible say? It is clear in both the Old and NewTestaments that the Bible teaches us that homosexuality is wrong and sinful. This has been clear to everyone who reads the Bible for hundreds of years. Why are some of us so pretentious to think we know better than God and redefine “sin”?

To our LGBT brothers and sisters who think they are being picked on or condemned, I say no, we traditionalists are condemning their behavior and their sin, not them. The issue is that they refuse to accept their behavior as sinful and expect others to “go along to get along”. That is secular social justice thinking, not biblically based Christian theology.

Our BOD is very clear, homosexuality is not in alignment with Christian principles. That statement does not condemn anyone, just as Jesus at the well did not condemn that woman. But at the same time he told her to go and sin no more. Just as we traditionalists are telling our LGBT brothers/sisters to go and sin no more.

Again, the problem is that they and their “enablers” don’t want to accept their behavior as sin. As a traditionalist, I cannot accept as a church leader someone who cannot see and accept the biblically based sinfulness of homosexual behavior. For if they cannot see/accept something so blatantly obvious as what the Bible says Re homosexuality, how can I afford them any credibility on other Biblical issues? No, our leaders must condemn the sin of homosexuality, but not the sinner. What our leaders cannot do is celebrate gay pride any more than we would allow them to celebrate child molester pride, adultery pride, etc. it is called a Book of Discipline for a reason, to put forth what we as “united” Methodists see as our guiding biblically based principles. When those whom we have elected as leaders fail to enact the discipline from our BOD, they fail us and we must look for different leadership and separate ourselves from their purview.

So, no we don’t need a higher conversation, just a simple biblically based one. If we can’t agree on what the Bible so clearly tells us and abide by it, then that tells each of us all we need to know. We need to agree to disagree and go our separate ways. Everything else is just exhausting noise and unhelpful.

Steve more than 1 year ago


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