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Living by the Word

I was a Methodist for most of my adult life! I believe all should be welcomed into Gods House of Wordhip! We are all in need of Gods saving grace! But the bottom line should ALWAYS be Gods Word! It is very clear in the Word as to how God feels about marriage and all the different avenues of homosexuality! It is clear on who should lead and teach in the churches! So let all come to worship but the leadership should be called by God to lead and should meet Gods qualifications!
Our regional bishop and district superintendent sent a self proclaimed Universalist to pastor our church.. half the church left and never returned!
The progressives try to guilt those who hold fast to the purest interpretation of Gods Word! The progressives are so wrong!
Judgement day is those who serve the world will answer! I would rather endure the hatefulness of the world than to receive the wrath of God on judgement day!
So those who are staying true to the Bible ...please stay strong! Divide if need be... but don’t cave! You will be rewarded! And those who teach and lead in the direction of Satan.. beware! You will be held responsible too for anyone who might stumble!
So blessed to have left the corrupt Methodist Church we attended in Texas! Thank you Lord for leading us out of darkness!

Debbie DuBois 3 days ago

Methodist loyalty

I was raised as a Methodist, baptized, confirmed, married and brought up my children to be Methodists. I have since stopped attending my church and have no intentions to return. I have a gay son and other family members and friends who are gay or lesbian. If my church cannot accept my family and friends into the fold, I won’t be there either.

When my son was wrestling with his acceptance from God, I took him to a Lutheran Pastor whom I respected completely. When he asked this pastor if he would go to hell for who he was, this pastor told him that he, himself could not believe in a God who would not accept those who were born this way. I believe he saved my son’s life that day and made my son proud of who and what he is. This is my belief also. I cannot believe in a God who would not accept everyone, perfect or imperfect. I am searching for a church that accepts all people and until I find one, I worship God in the wide open spaces. I don’t need a building to do this!!

Judith Holm, 8 days ago

One Church Plan

Since I am a very old woman, who has been a Methodist since age 18, I applaud your reasoning as to why the One Church Plan should be adopted. Yes, there is plenty of room in the United Methodist Church for those of us who are progressive and those of us who are conservative. Let us live together in harmony as Christ would have wanted. Rob and Tom, if you wish to disallow our LBGT sisters and brothers full inclusion, you are free to do so. However, please do not presume to know what is right for all conferences or all churches within the United Methodist Church, as that does not show love, the kind of love that Jesus would want us to show, it only shows arrogance. Remember 1st Corinthians 13, if I have all knowledge, but have not love, I am a clanging cymbal making a lot of noise but signifying nothing.

Carla & Robert Skidmore 88 days ago

Praying for our church

You claim Jesus blessed the trait of having a willingness to suffer for sticking close to Jesus. Right now it looks Rev Renfroe is the one suffering for sticking to the teachings of Jesus, as others leave for the ways of the world.

Jacob Bailey 125 days ago

New Information calls for new rules

When the BoD was written, early in 1976, it was not yet known that those who were LBGTQAI were not sinners, straying from God's word, but born as they are. Let our new knowledge permeate the General Conference this week and cause them to demand change in the wording of that Book of Discipline.

Carla Skidmore 88 days ago

Mr. Howell Keep Your Vows

It should be incredible that a pastor who refuses to keep his ordination vows would try to take the moral high ground from one who keeps his. But these are times when regressive pastors and bishops show no shame in bending the truth in any way that will support their heretical agenda. Yes, the pro homosexual-practice group should no longer be dubbed "progressive." This is like calling a school bully "brave" in hopes of appeasing him. Whether Mr. Howell's attitude comes from ignorance or contempt for the historic standards of the church (not only the Methodist) we can only hope that Rev. Renfroe is right, and the special conference of 2019 will finally make a way to separate Mr. Howell and his party from orthodox United Methodism going forward. Yes, the apostle Paul wrote the marvellous 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians; but he also required the Corinthians to maintain the Christ honoring pattern of Christian marriage within the membership of their body.

Craig gallaway 294 days ago

Obviously You Do Not Know Rev. Renfroe

Mr. Howell, it is obvious from your open letter and your blog that you do not know Rev. Renfroe. You have never heard one of his sermons and been led to a closer walk with God as he preaches, you have never read one of his books and been inspired to be a better human being, you have not watched him touch the lives of men through a group know as Quest, you have never witnessed the leadership he gives to The Woodlands Methodist Church and the love and admiration that his congregation has for him. If you did, you would never question his integrity or his devotion to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Rev. Rob Renfroe is truly a remarkable Christian man! He is frustrated like many of us who have been Methodist all our lives because people like you want to change the Book of Discipline and more importantly the biblical teachings that our denomination was founded on. I was baptized and married in the Church that my great-grandfather build in 1875. I do not wish to see our BOD changed in the way you are proposing. Also, I can not understand why your proposed plan is called "The One Church Plan". What a misnomer! If passed, Methodism will be not one church, but many churches with different teachings and disciplines. We can no longer be called UNITED. Before you judge him or spread more false rumors about Rev. Rob Renfro, I hope you will get to know him through his sermons and books. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your criticism of Rev Renfro.

Karen West 293 days ago

Open Letter to Rob Renfroe

When a member of my congregation comes to me with a rumor about another member and wants me to act on it, I require that the party named in the gossip be part of the conversation if it is to continue. The UMC still has a judicial system, and if there are questions of conduct, that is the venue to sort them out. I am on the WCA mailing list, but have never received any request to contribute toward a bribe for African delegates. I would be interested to see such a letter. I would favor taking these serious accusations through the proper channels for the sake of truth and integrity. We should not stoop to trial by innuendo.

RuthAnne G. Henley 302 days ago

Howell article

I received the letter from Renfroe. He wants to put anyone who disagrees out of the church and he did ask for money to bring Africans to vote his way. The Methodist church of the past emphasized kindness, inclusion and social action. That is why we United. We recognized our mistakes and tried to make up for them. Liberals stand for kindness and inclusion. WCA doesn’t.

Marilyn Davis 306 days ago

Statements require proof

Marilyn Davis, you state that Pastor Rob Renfroe “did ask for money to bring Africans to vote his way”. Could you helping me figure out the proof to validate that statement? It’s very important that we not repeat stories without seeing proof. You also state that “he wants to put anoyone who disagrees with him out of the church”. Again, could you please point me toward the place which backs up this statement. I look forward to talking with you.

Dina B. 303 days ago


Marilyn, you are to be commended for speaking the truth even when the WCA stubbornly refuses to hear that truth. May truth, the truth of which you spoke, be reiterated at the General Conference and may the vote allow full inclusion to our LBGTQAI sisters and brothers. Let us not discriminate as we did against our African American sisters and brothers decades ago. Our church must finally INCLUDE all who love God not EXCLUDE those whom the small group called Good News wishes to EXCLUDE.

Carla Skidmore 88 days ago

WCA and the UMC

Just the fact that Rob Renfroe thinks that those of us who are progressive and believe that ALL God's children who love God and their neighbors should be allowed full inclusion in the UMC, should leave the UMC, sadly, shows lack of compassion, kindness and Christian Love on the part of Rob Renfroe and Tom Lambrect. They might wish to reread the 1st Chapter of Corinthians, the 13th verse.

Carla and Robert 62 days ago

Truth hurts, does it not? Wish I had had a UMC pastor who stood loudly in protest of the liberal cancer!

Maybe I would have stayed active in the UMC rather than suspending attending and giving and now just waiting for a local UMC to become a traditional MC - not interested in association with the "U" or any other of the letters associated with this issue. Indeed, Rev Renfroe's words are harsh, but, maybe to many of us, not as nearly so harsh as what has been said against we who just want a church like our momma's and daddy's took us to. Maybe not as harsh as watching our old Methodist church sink into financial ruin and litigation like the Episcopal church has done. Sorry your feelings were hurt, but our feelings are hurt too. Why must we all continue to hurt? Why can't we just focus on going our own way as soon as possible?

Reese 308 days ago

Your "momma's Church?

Oh, yes, I remember "your Momma's Church." It discriminated against our brothers and sisters who had darker skin! I do not want a church that discriminates against our brothers and sisters with darker skin, nor do I want a church that discriminates against our LBGTQAI sisters and brothers. I, and most of us cogent members want a church that includes ALL who love God and their neighbors~

Carla Skidmore 88 days ago

Form Your Own Denomination

All you have to do is form your own denomination. Maybe, if you ask politely, we might even pay your bills when you leave. You are a minority in the church, not the majority, the votes prove it. On any given Sunday in the North and South Georgia Conference, there are more people in worship than in your entire jurisdiction. Please, form a new Methodist Church, one where you can set your own polity and discipline.

Soujourner Truth 86 days ago

How "Christian?" of you

You have had your way and the Traditionalist Plan succeeded. Not because of the UMC members in the USA, but due to the members who live in other countries, most of which are New to the Bible. Please realize that most of us living in the US supported the One Church Plan as did most of the bishops. It is a sad time in Methodism when we go backward in time, instead of progressing and fully including all who love God and their neighbors as themselves.
The UMC, like most mainstream churches, is losing members, especially your younger and those of us who are well educated. We are appalled that our family members and friends who are LBGTQAI are facing the same discrimination that our African American friends and family members faced and are still facing. God requires us to love, not discriminate. God requires us to stop putting new wine in old wineskins. We must go forth and do as God would have us do, love, accept in full inclusion, and no longer be discriminatory.

Carla & Robert Skidmore 76 days ago

Please, Soujourner, re read 1st Corinthians the 13 verse.

You mean well, I am sure, Soujourner, but you, my dear, have no right to tell people when to leave. It is not loving, nor is it Christian to say, "Unless you think as I do to just get out." I am going nowhere, my dear, I am fortunate to be a member of a church that is in a Conference that is in Non-Conformity. Prior to the General Conference of 2019, there were Six Conferences in Non-Conformity, now there are Twelve Conferences in Non-Confority. I have a strong feeling, my dear, that this number will become even larger.
Younger people and those who are well educated will not tolerate the discrimination that seems to be rampant in the UMC. Prior to the lated 1960s the UMC discriminated against our friends and family who had darker skin, now it is our friends and family who are LBGTQA or I. This, too, shall pass. In twenty years I wonder what group the UMC will chose to discriminate against?
So, dear Soujourner, I will not leave I will stay and try, along with many others, to make the UMC a kinder, more compassionate church.

Robert & Carla 62 days ago


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