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What are the boundaries to One Church Plan?

A serious - not in jest - question follows:
If, under the One Church Plan, three people come to an ordained UMC pastor and ask to be married in a covenantal ceremony wherein the union of holy matrimony is neither licensed by, nor seeks to be licensed by, any civil governmental entity, and that joins one bisexual female, one lesbian female and one heterosexual male in holy matrimony, would that violate any provision of the amended Book of Discipline according to the One Church Plan? (Just looking for clarity on the new, emerging boundaries.)

Lee Cary 173 days ago

Who are the shepards and who are the wolves?

I have always wondered about what the Bible meant by "wolves in sheep's clothing"?
Now I have a glaring example of exactly what it is referring too once any of these so called "The way forward plans” gets passed. Beware - Ravening wolves in sheep's clothing look like sheep, dress like sheep, talk like sheep but they eat the sheep. Even Jesus our Lord and Savior said "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent" (Rev 3:19). I am sure the commission had very good intentions of wanting to be inclusive and pray for peace and unity, but in doing so destroy the very thing that makes up repentance, which is take away the sin by agreeing that it is matter what sin that is.
The 32 commission members anf any bishop, delegate or laity who supports these plans will have the souls of unrepentant LGBTQ members on their hands.

Billy 161 days ago


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