Being a Pastor in the United Methodist Church Sucks Right Now



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Wow with your attitude and foul language you should just leave the church!!

DJ 152 days ago


Profanity is an attention getter as George Patton knew. I have heard my fair share in the construction world as well. Though sometimes useful in art to illustrate a juxtaposition or irony, I think a pastor ought to refrain from using it except maybe to be "one of the guys" while panning for gold in Alaska or on a hunting or fishing trip. Sometimes profanity can be used to help relate culturally. In the pulpit or in the capacity as a professional clergyman (or woman), it is in poor taste and sometimes the message attempted can get lost in the very language that is being used as an attention getter. If being a pastor in the UMC sucks, Jesus' occupation was carpentry so you might grab a skillsaw, a pickup truck, a tin of snuff and try construction instead.

E 160 days ago

Dear Pastor Snowflake

While some may be appalled at your language, I am not. I, too, sometimes revert to cussing when I'm a bit lazy and am unable to express myself more fluently. So your language doesn't really bother me. What does bother me is how anyone can get themselves ordained as a Methodist pastor and have ambiguous feelings about the truth of Jesus' resurrection and its redemptive, restorative effect on the people called Christian. If the Resurrection is not true, then the whole faith is but a house of cards. Yes, Jesus would have still been a wise kindly human philosopher whose lessons teach us how people should treat their fellow mankind, but history is filled with such wise philosophers. Why worship one over another? Why accept Jesus as part of our understanding of the Triune God if he's just a man who died a cruel death and left in a crypt? If He didn't rise from the dead on Easter, what hope do we have for our resurrection and the opportunity to be in communion with God for eternity? I don't know you and certainly can't judge you, but perhaps your anger is directed inward due to your loss of faith. I will pray that you come to a better understanding of who you are and your role as an ordained minister of Christianity. People who doubt the truth of Jesus' bodily resurrection may be good people or kind people but just don't call yourself Christian.

John 160 days ago

Well-stated response

I agree. When pastors and Bishops deny the core tenets of the Christian faith, I find that far more appalling and deserving of outrage than the secondary arguments over sexuality that we are having today. If the Methodist church had stood up and opposed radical theological liberalism wherever it raised its head, recognizing it as the simple garden variety unbelief that it is, we would not be having these arguments and wars over sexuality. Error begets error, and we now find ourselves in a denomination where the majority of our seminaries, pastors, Bishops, and agencies no longer conform to the criteria of Christian faith as defined and practiced by John Wesley and the early Methodists. Even today, why is there far greater outrage over the election of a lesbian Bishop, when the far greater outcry should have been over the fact that every one of the episcopal candidates in that particular conference held apostate theological views. Is an apostate lesbian Bishop really any worse than any other apostate Bishop? We, as a church, need to get our priorities straight.

Paul W. 160 days ago

The end

The UMC is euphemistically rearranging the decks chairs on the Titanic. Like every other denomination that has embraced homosexuality, the UMC and its way forward will be the beginning of the end of the UMC. No church that denies Biblical truth and authority ever prospers.

Lizzie Warren 157 days ago


So very true!

Dj 152 days ago


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