Christianity Marked by How We Disagree



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Disagreement vs. Abuse

"Christianity marked by not in how we agree but how we disagree."

Yes, we are free to disagree with each other. Our current problem, however, is that one wing of UMC Christians flexed its power and legalized the abuse of another wing of UMC Christians; this they accomplished by enshrining abusive concepts and policies about GLBT members in our Book of Discipline. Thus, these individuals have left the concept of disagreement behind and exchanged it for outright abuse.

Some will say, "sticks and stones," but those who do have never been beaten up, raped, or murdered due to right-wing rhetoric. Remember: There are Christians who use suppposedly Christian anti-GLBT legislation to justify violence.

Benjamin 270 days ago

So, after 2000 years

it is OK that Christianity has become a never ending discussion?

betsy 272 days ago

Why Not?

Christianity became a never-ending discussion under Christ, even prior to the crucifixion.

Why should we stop employing intelligence now?

Benjamin 270 days ago


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